MPs plot to abandon publication of receipts

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by stinker, Jun 20, 2009.

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  1. Story here;

    Now I have no problem with not being able to scrutinise MP's individual item expense claims (who wants to read about a bath plug) but will this mean that the public will not be able to discover that an MP is still claiming for a morgage that they paid off.

    Doesn't look as the proposal will go anywhere as it's not supported by the other two leaders.

    Surely a solution would be to buy some apartments (the old Chelsea Bks would be a good idea) standard furnishings throughout and claim a London subsistance allowance when in town.

    Last paragraph;

    Two ministers faced fresh claims over their expenses. Douglas Alexander, the International Development Secretary, repaid £12,000 after claiming for a home while receiving rent on it from a lodger. Rosie Winterton, Business and Communities Minister, handed back more than £8,000 after admitting she wrongly claimed for mortgage capital as well as interest.

  2. If you look at the Telegraph's" MP's Expenses, what have you spotted" you will see that is not going to happen. Now with thousands of people realy looking at their MPs expenses every penny is going to be checked and accounted for, the voters will show their contempt at the next election
  3. When it comes to paying back the "accidentally overclaimed " fees, I wish that I could casually lay my hands on £18,000, £18 is about the best that I could do
  4. It is my (our) money that these fcukers are spending so loosely.

    Put it in a spread sheet, and then I want a linked webpaged that shows the details of the receipt with no redactment.

    Likewise, any refused claims should also be added in.

    It's about time we, the public, were allowed to have a referendum on the increase of wages for MPs and peers. Not there own little vote on the matter.

    Likewise, soon as the Olympics debacle is over, put the MPs in the sports village for a communal living arrangement... no more second homes.
  5. If you check out any of todays Papers sites they all have spreadsheets,details of no redaction and the thoughts of members of the public who all seem outraged
  6. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    There ya go. What can you do with a spreadsheet that you can't do with a scanned receipt - yes, that's right, you can EASILY remove data and hide the trail. Not so easy when you have to photoshop or blank details on bits of scanned paper.

    So, instead of making it harder to commit fraud, and instead of making parliament more transparent - EACH of the party leaders, including Cameron's and Clegg's have got together and decided on, and agreed on a way to make it less transparent and EASIER to commit fraud without us finding out about it.

    Well done; well done indeed.

    What's it going to take, before these scum realise just what is at stake? Do they need to see the heads of their colleagues on spikes before they wake up?

    Edited to add:

    BTW: You know how this mysterious body 'The Members Estimates Committee' was the one that allowed all these expenses, and created all the expenses rules that nobody broke?

    Well, this group also forms the membership of 'The House of Commons Commission'.

    So, simply put: 'The House of Commons Commission' = 'The Members Estimates Committee' - same members.

    So, the Estimates Committee decided what was allowable and what was not 'under the rules', but the 'House of Commons Commission' was the one that fought tooth and nail to stop the publication of MPs expenses, even going to the High Court to stop the publication.

    So, one might be wondering just who these fine and upstanding Parliamentary staffers might be, who are protecting the good name of Parliament, and keeping those naughty MPs in order . . . . . . . well, not exactly Parliamentary lifers or 'staff' as such. The members of both of these committees are actually just MPs.

    The members are as follows:

    Rt Hon Michael J Martin MP
    Glasgow North East

    We know all about this bloke, don't we!

    Rt Hon Harriet Harman QC MP
    Camberwell and Peckham

    So, whoreperson is directly responsible for the allowances, the checking of claims, the rules themselves AND the fight to the High Court to stop this info getting out.

    Sir Stuart Bell MP

    This bloke - on the news every day, defending MPs, defending the allowances, defending the decision to go to the High Court, and defending Gordon Brown.

    Rt Hon Nick Harvey MP
    North Devon
    Lib Dem

    I'm sure this bloke has got ambitions, but looks like his public persona has been shown for what it is - lies, the wilful hiding of lies.

    Rt Hon David Maclean MP
    Penrith and the Border

    Remember this guy appearing out of nowhere and introducing a bill to exclude the House of Commons from the FOIA - for it was indeed he.

    Rt Hon Alan Duncan MP
    Rutland and Melton

    The great pretender. Touted by some as a potential leader in the future. Also been on telly defending the troughing.

    So, there you have it.

    The people that voted in the pay and perks: MPs
    The people that oversaw the allowances and claims: MPs
    The people that made the claims: MPs
    The people who lied about them: MPs
    The people who tried to change the law to hide their activities: MPs
    The people who got forced to reveal them only after a High Court battle: MPs
    The people responsible ENTIRELY for the 'redaction' or blanking of incriminating evidence: MPs

    Have I missed anything? Oooooooh yes!

    The people re-writing the rules on transparency, pay and perks in the light of the scandal that has engulfed our political system?