MPs out of touch on crime - Blair

The prime minister has accused some MPs of all parties of being out of touch with voters on law and order.
Tony Blair told the Observer he wanted to "harry, hassle and hound" criminals into giving up - or leaving Britain.

He added he would like to widen police powers to seize assets from suspected drug dealers, and to restrict people suspected of organised crime.

The Tories and Liberal Democrats said the ideas were "gimmicks" to cover up Labour's failure to control crime.

Mr Blair was responding to comments in an exchange of e-mails with an Observer columnist, accusing him of "steadily attacking our rights and freedoms".

Gobsmacked. Actually he's right , MP's are out of touch , if they weren't , they'd be demanding the Blue Brick for whoever was involved in the Peerage's kerfuffle.
I don't think 'out of touch' is the right phrase, maybe 'out of this world' is better..
Come to think of it, if anyone one MP lived our lives they would have a breakdown within the first six months..

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