MPS no longer racist

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by muhandis89, Feb 22, 2009.

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  1. I have spent 18 years in the Met, and never seen anyone treated better or worse as result of the colour of their skin. I have seen people treated like thieves, robbers, rapists ,burglars, fraudsters ,violent knobbers, wife beaters, gobby twats and all other sorts of fools treated with the contempt they deserve, and yes, some of them were black, and some were not.
    A statement proves nothing at all. Every human being is racist to a lesser or greater degree, or we would all live together mixed in with no grief apparent. The bare facts are, we're plain old different, and I don't like the things some people do or the way they live, and they probably wouldn't chose to spend time with me.
    Get the fcuk over it.
    I thank you.
  2. Really?

    I've been in the met a fair bit less than you and I have.

    Though it tends to be in the recruiting side of things and the victims seem to be white.
  3. and there we have the precise problem - what you may consider to be "racist" per se, I may not and vice versa. I worked in some "sarf east" London areas which were considered to be busy by most, and which had and still have a large minority population. Whether the powers that be like it or not, certain crimes such as street robbery are committed in the main (i.e 85%) by young black men, which is clearly disproportionate. However, to report this fact or comment on it means that you are "racist" - this is clearly nonsense.That is not to say that other crimes, such as burglary or vehicle crime is committed by, largely, white youth is not a fact because it is. I don't actually chose to live or associate with any people who are not from my "gene pool", because I prefer the company, ethics, language lifestyle and outlook of white, primarily English people. That doesn't mean that I wouldn't stop to help someone in an RTA or who had been assaulted just because they were black/asian ot other, I am an intelligent man who tries to help where he can - on or off duty, and I think most blokes on this means would be the same, no matter what bravado they like to exhibit.
    The Macpherson report post Stephen Lawrence has done more harm than good in my humble opinion, especially as the first person on scene was an off duty police officer who tried to help, but missed a vital injury. A little known fact is that the LAS and then surgeons also missed the wound, and it was only found post mortem, but because he died and was killed by white scum , we the Police are racist. Any person of sound mind knows this is total crap, but the media planted that seed and it grew.
    The fact that Stephen Lawrence was ofetn shown gibving the "black Power" salute with his right hand was never mentioned, and the fact that Neville his father was well known to Police also.
    We will never win the hearts and minds thing, because we have been damned by all this leftwing Labour twaddle. Stop and search works.
    It always did, but that too was racist, so we stopped it - what happened? street robbery and knife crime rocketed. We recently started again - what happened?it slowed markedly - no sh*t sherlock-do the maths.
    I say again, get the FCUK over it.
  4. Quality post Creepy.

    Nail/head interface.
  5. Ah! So the MPS is not racist.......

    just bigotted :twisted:
  6. how so?
  7. I wasn't being serious. Hence the smiley
  8. ah. roger
  9. HOGSPAWN check PM
  10. Undoubtedly what you say is true, there probably is a correlation between race and the types of crime committed. If you are going to reduce crime then it is a good idea to 'profile' the typical offender, if one demographic or another comes up then that information is used to look at all the factors and try to alter those that lead to the commission of crime. Not much point in going into mainly Afro-Carribean communities to try and crack down on TWOC. The press decide that they are going to have a crusade and they will emphasis facts which support their case and ignore those that don't, undoubtedly this will have come into play in the Stephen Lawrence affair.
    I have never observed Met officers being overtly racist, what I have seen from time-to-time is black and Asian criminals trying to play the race card when caught bang to rights. "Is it 'cos I's black"? No it's because I've just caught you mugging a granny. Men and women fall into two categories: Good and bad and that is deep down within, colour and all the rest are just cosmetic and have no bearing on which category you fall into.
  11. What did they do?

    Flick a switch?

    Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist Racist.... Stand by......... CURED!!!

  12. No idea how the end of racism was achieved either! Even taken objectively "racism" only really ever works one way - against Whites. If a white person is attacked by a "steaming" group on a tube and robbed etc, why isn't that a "racist" crime? all the assailants would have been black..but if a black person is given a shoeing by whites, it is by definition "racist" and is afforded a higher grading of investigation because of its' racist status.This really does nothing but halt progress and polarises views on the subject.
    What really grates is the whole "is it because I is black?" thing - as already stated by others here, the answer is no, it's because you are a thief/robber/violent bastard who just happens to be black/asian/other.
    It's the first statement spouted, and later on we get the "slavery" thing, bore off! The term "slave" derives from "slav" when eastern europeans were enlaved by the Romans, so it's not new - did have to chuckle when Ainsley Harriot's ancestor turned out to be a slave trader..
    There's nothing new under the Sun, so for the third and final time
  13. Is Op Trident racist,as it only targets ''Black on Black'' crime?
  14. Creepy, I am fortunate enough to live a life pretty much unaffected by either criminals or the police. Maybe the odd parking ticket if I go into town and don't happen to notice that where once I could park with impunity is now a prohibited area. These things sneak up on you.
    You seem to have a handle on things old son, good on you.