MP's Medal design your suggestions.

Google produced this:

Perhaps they have been reading up on Baron Samedi the Walt of Walts...... the medal they should receive is Penis on a stick shaped one.. with a pair of testicles hanging off it.... attached.... oink, oink
It seems some Ex MP's have decided to award themselves a Gong in light of their fine "Services" (oh my ribs) to the country

But the poor dears are mortified that their triple 18 carat gold suggestion has been rejected.

So pehaps we could give them a hand any ideas for a design most befitting them?

We deserve a medal! Ex-MPs call for special award marking their service to the country | Mail Online
i would not even give them a chocolate coin never mind a fucking medal.
Typical of the self serving cunts (all parties), why do they feel the need for a gong?
Services to fucking up the country?
Maybe one showing a robber with a swag bag running away.

with words around the edge saying i was a thieving useless member of parliament and all i got for it was this lousy medal.
My medal for them would be the colour of old gold- to represent their liking for shiny, with a heart of lead for our heritage of heavy industry, a spitzer tip to acknowledge our ties with Germany, a boat tail for our seafaring traditions, of a diameter sufficient for big game- as that is what politics seems to be. Lastly, this is well overdue, so should be delivered as quickly as possible. 3000 fps should do it.
Perhaps sphincter-shaped, in bronze with red enamel piles.

The ribbon? Brown, probably
Here's my design, they would wear it around their necks.

Whatever the design, the metal should be yellow base metal (therefore valueless).

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