MPs, Lords and Parliamentary privilege

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by Legallybald, Jul 30, 2010.

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  1. P_J

    P_J Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    Looks like Lord Denning was right all those years ago when he said about bribery and graft being accepted as part of life, and stealing is a virtue so long as you're not found out.
  2. P_J

    P_J Old-Salt Book Reviewer

    He's my Legal Hero. His logic and ramblings got me through many a boring lecture. Pity we don't have many (if any) of his calibre these days!!
  3. I think we do have some good quality judges, some of them among the best in the world. Collins J comes pretty close for me in the 'hero' stakes and has to be one of the most underrated judges in the Divisional Court. He was one of a handfull of judges who, during the reign of His Majesty King Anthony of 'New Labour' was prepared to face them down in many different areas, most famously in destroying in a single 'withering' judgement attempts by the Labour 'Junta' to implement a deliberate policy of allowing vulnerable people to starve on the streets of our cities by denying to them any form of emergency social assistance . He took great delight in making 'mincemeat' of several Labour Home Secretaries. Blunkett hated his guts which makes the man a hero in my eyes!