MPs living allowances for 2nd home....

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by headgear, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. In regards to recent press reports about all the things an MP can buy for his London crash pad on allowances.

    i.e. new kitchen, furniture, kitchen white goods etc all totalling £20,000+

    I totally fail to see why they don't get the same deal as military personnel on FIA and by that I mean a furnished let flat, take it or leave it! after all its only a crash pad during the week - or better still have an MP only barracks with a room with en-suite sink! and shared ablutions.

    After all they're only on a 4 or 5 year 'posting' between elections and serving their country alledgedly!

    But perhaps that would be against their human rights to live in the same type of accomadation as us!!!!!
  2. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Well at least "Mr Speaker" will put a stop to all the perks :roll:
  3. You obviously have no idea how the system works. On election an MP goes to London and buys a property as cheaply as possible, he/she then uses public money to enhance the value of that property annualy until the voters see the light and give him/her the sack. The property is then sold off at a handsome profit none of which gioes back to the taxpayer.Of course these no hopers will tell you that had they been in private industry they would have made much more money (which is why they aren't in private industry)
  4. we should only allow the independently wealthy to be elected. they should have to pay their own living expenses.
  5. I can't even claim my bloody bus fair to work against my tax. 8O :x
  6. I find it quite stranger that last week there was a news flash across the bottom of SKY reference the loss or distruction of more government information, however this time it just happened to be all the expense receipts for the Government Officials. Now we are getting a 'leaked' document which was obviously leaked to the Officials first.

    So for the next period they can claim whatever they want (maximum of course)and swear blind that the receipts were there yesterday.

    I agree that they should run the system like that of the forces, you can have your flat rate IE but everything else is capped, and they are responsible for retaining receipts for 24 months. 5% Random Audit check and if you have no receipt the money is taken back.

    I'm sure there are a lot of ex RAOs, FSAs and RAs out there who could be employed to audit these claims, giving a fresh, non-partial set of eyes to the process. Lets see if they can stand up to the Audit Processes that we have to go by! 'No Sir, you can't claim £10K in taxi fairs for your wife to get her nails done and claim them as business expenses!!' Bring it on.
  7. Stop all allowances - they should get actual cost of receipted items only.
  8. So lets get this right.

    Fat Fcuk can buy an aprtment/house at our expsense. Get a new kitchen and fit it out with some gucci kit and then flog it and pocket the profit. How many of these MP's actualy live in these properties and how many of themrent them out?

    Took me 10 months to get a new tap.
  9. And we wonder why the forces, nurses, elderly etc etc get shite all in the Budget when we read things like this.

    Its a national discgrace. Darrrrrrling needs £8 billion pounds for his 08/09 budget. Hes got to increase taxes, or so I believe in my understanding. MP's are some of the worst offenders - what gives them the right to live like that just because they make the decisions (often badly by the look of it) that run our country - surely they are working for the people, and of the people, elected by the people ....

    So heres one idea:

    1. Bring the troops home. Let the Middle Eastern countries sort it out themselves.
    2. Anyone who isn't working (that is an immigrant regardless of colour, creed, nationality or religion)or cant bring a skill to this country that is useful can no longer claim benefits or claim NHS treatment etc..
    3. STOP giving so much money in foreign overseas aid...look to the homeless on our streets, urban inner city crime etc etc that needs money to be addressed.
    4. Anyone that does come here must have at least 6 months worth of savings to live on (a set amount can be agreed upon by an independent financial authority or suchlike) - this is similar to the Aussie way of doing things..

    This isnt a dig at immigration but simply one thought process of cutting down expenditure in this country instead of ploughing all our money into foreign countries...

    Anyone else feel free to add to this list - its a debate after all..
  10. They should be fcuking ashamed. This country is is enough debt as it is and the have a second home what the **** is that all about. With the money that they are claiming to do up the second home that could right off some of the country's debts that they moan about.
  11. People wonder why theres voter apathy, these cnuts fcuk me right off, at the high port I hasten to add. Flats put into trust but we still have to pay for them, 10k for a new kitchen when troops live in squalor, £750 for a telly, You pay for it politico-scum.
    Utter filth not worth a penny.
  12. I found it funny that the officials did not want to publish the "John Lewis" allowances because they thought MPs would push it to the limit. Honourable members indeed. Not even trusted by parliamntary officials.
  13. There are some times when being a Scot makes you feal quite good really, one of them is of course when we win the Calcutta Cup like we did last weekend, another is when we realise that all our MSPs expenses are in the public domain, and we are going to stop the mortgage support for second houses and MSPs will only get actuals for rent or hotels, and there are restrictions on renting from relatives, seems Westminster needs to do a bit of catch up.