MPs jibe at gypsies

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Pasty Boy, Sep 7, 2005.

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  1. Another from the Sun:

    A FURIOUS MP has asked for a £48,000 handout to make a film about taxpayers — after the same amount was given to a project on gipsies.

    David Davies has applied to tell the story of “people who live in houses”.

    The film would explain the “ancient code” of planning permission, clearing up rubbish and buying tax discs.

    The Tory MP’s application follows a handout by the Heritage Lottery Fund last month to make a film on gipsy culture.

    Ha Ha! Good bloke!
  2. lmao what the fsck?
  3. In this film about the Gypsies, did they include part of their 'ancient code' of stealing?
  4. or leaving tons of litter everywhere they go.
  6. Does anyone have a copy of/link to the Viz strip from years ago titled "The Thieving Gypsy B@stards?"

    It was very funny!
  7. Good luck to him. if all these minority groups can apply for funding then why not a group representing the majority???
  8. Now, now, chaps. You know it's not fair to base your views of gypsies on the opinions of everyone who has ever met them.

    They just get a bad press. Ask any copper.
  9. Where can I get my CARDBOARD tax disc ?. I want I want
  10. Why only aim to show his proposed film on Traveller sites? These points would be equally valid in some schools alongside the film on Travellers; perhaps the scope could be extended to cover things like:

    "Not behaving in ways that frighten little old ladies",
    "Not using drugs",
    "Being prepared to put something BACK into the community in return for the benefits it provides" and
    "getting paid for doing useful work"

    All are surely equally valid for Travellers and Chavscum kids :p
  11. Except Chavscum haven't been handed the Race Card on a plate.
  12.'s in the post
  13. Never thought I'd say this about any politician - but well done, that man. Good effort.
    Gypsies: a waste of DNA and oxygen.
  14. We could tweak the film to the gyppo's so that it plays a subconcious message.....something like 'go and eat your fekking dog now'