MPS in the news again-for the wrong reasons!


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Yet another fcuk up in a long series of them. Wonder how many figures the payout will run into? Not only that, but the copper in question is well and truly up sh1t creak. Unemployable (shouldn't have been reinstated) AND likely to be charged.......unlucky.
I've always been under the impression that you can't resign if you're being investigated. Unless, of course, the force wants you to in order to save embarrassment.

But then again I've never been in the sh!te deep enough to even contemplate having to do so.
Sadly another example of the collapse of discipline in the civilian Police brought about by so many dodgy practices. This guy clearly knew how to exploit the system and I wouldn't be in the least surprised that many in his previous Station and social groupings knew about him returning to the Met.

You sometimes wonder who the real criminal underworld are in London, don't you?

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