MPs "have to live on rations and are treated like shit"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Acidcrash, Aug 12, 2009.

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    Not seen this posted yet so apologies if it has been!

    So MP Alan Duncan is bleating about how "you have to live on rations and are treated like shit" as an MP since the expenses scandal. Such a hard life they live! And there was me thinking it was just us on ratpacks!
    My heart bleeds for them, it really does!
  2. Mabey we should get Bono to raise money for them by orginising a concert, paid by us of course.
    Call it LIVE TWATS
  3. He should make 30,000 people very happy and resign his seat; then those 30,000 people can elect someone who isn't a prat.

    Mr Cameron, where are your cojones? Sack the idiot!

  4. Apparently he also stated that 64k isn`t enough and he needed a second income, are they so out of touch that they have no idea what sort of income ordinary working people have ? It just goes to prove that these idiots are living on a different planet. :x
  5. I particularly liked his comment about how "Noone who has done anything, or could do anything in the outside world will join Parliament in the future."

    Yeah, because the MP's we have NOW are of such a high calibre, you fcuktard! :x
  6. Here is the clip of Heydon Prowse digging up this tossers lawn.


    :D :D
  7. C'mon, Sven/Whet/Ashie - let's be havin' ya! :twisted:

    Tell us how lucky we are to have the best politicians in the world... :roll:
  8. Even if they dropped the salary to £20k and reduced the allowances to zero, there would still be a queue of people 10 deep for every vacancy.

    So, let's do that!

    Most of our laws are made in Brussels - thanks to these b*******s, so we could argue that we do not need them.

  9. The guys a knobber who shouldn't be in parliament, should never serve in a government and should instead take his ill informed comments to the city where I'm sure one of his other mates will give him a job.
  10. You can talk until you are blue in the face about their pay rates. Save your breath, you and the rest of us have absolutely no say in the matter. Learn to know your place, you'll be much happier :D
  11. Should be sacked anyway. He's always been in it for his own advancement, not the good of his constituents. Plus he's a bandit.
  12. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I suspect it would be a different story if he was one of the glorious comrades of Neu Arbeit...
  13. Raise the Army, RAF & navy pay that would be a start
  14. As someone else said elsewhere - remove the rose tinted spectacles, because the next lot will be no better than this lot.

    Makes me want to vomit up a lung.
  15. The fella is a knob but he shouldn't be sacked. Just refererred to as a d1ck head who should know better than to speak his mind these days.