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MPs handcuff, detain National Guard chaplain in Kuwait ... for wearing headphones


It does make you wonder why the British Army never got into that kind of f*ckwittery? Normally things like that are right up the hierachy's street.
Ring, ring.
"Cpl Smith Guard commander sir"
"Cpl Smith it's 20.00 do you know the flags still up?"
"Shit! Snograss get out there and get the flag down PDQ".
Is it the holiday camp to which my Yank comrades in Baghdad fifteen years ago would have been sent for ersatz R&R? They always came back more pissed off and stressed than before they went.
We had 2 in theater-

Green Zone- had to turn in your roscoe at your unit and ride the to the GZ in the Rhino bus where no alcohol or real fun to be had, other than play Rocket/Mortar dodge. Usually Enlisted men sent here. No civvie clothes either. had a Joe actually call us to come pick him up 4 days early while we were on patrol and bring his M4. Another lad from a Massachusetts Arty unit got drunk (somehow) stole a HMMWV , crashed out the gate and found dead under the flipped over vehicle on Rte Irish and brought to Yarmouk hospital by locals. A Patrol from 2/156 INF recovered his remains the same night after multiple calls from the hospital to the CMOC.

Qatar- Officers only (Once in a very long times a FES-Filthy Enlisted Swine would be allowed there) , Civvie clothes allowed, alcohol available, fun


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I see a slight flaw in your argument there, how would a quiet word get through the headphones, when a shouting Sgt Maj's voice didn't?

I imagine they could've tapped on the padre's shoulder?

Rather than put him in restraints ffs.
Remind us, please: in what period was it that you were a soldier? I learned ICP roughly 30 seconds after leaving basic training just after Abba won at Eurovision.

Well done you, for learning one thing during your entire career.
Taps? That weird thing where they all turn to the flag at a certain time?
The Navy do something similar at HMS Nelson.
The ******* weirdos

My old HQ used to be on an army base, one of my mates had the great pleasure of asking the army whether everything was ok and if they needed any assistance from the senior service.

They had the flag flying upside down.
Way back in the midst of time well 1970 actually we could not wear sunglasses in uniform in Sharjah but the thing that pissed us off was the Bluejobs could


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Remind us, please: in what period was it that you were a soldier? I learned ICP roughly 30 seconds after leaving basic training just after Abba won at Eurovision.

I was in the air cadets in the eighties.

is that what you mean??
Technically the end of the duty day is usually 1700 local time. Army posts play retreat and Colors. Squids and Jarheads are similar. Air Force usually plays "How Dry I am" to indicate that the club is now open and Happy Hour is beginning.

That is cüntish, i’d have told them to do the task themselves, fully accepting that was end of tour, end of career.
Ah Grasshopper. The SATO was an accepted cnut and left on Redundancy. The SAT was a cnut and left as an LE Major. He would not fcuk off. But by then I had some more shit on him concerning and incident at SHB during a demolition that went wrong. And somebody else got blamed.

In any event they sneaked up behind me when I was on a staircase and disruptors already placed. And the CATO was d'accord with me. And he was in the Kremlin sooking beer at the end of the D Day with the troops when cnuts A and B were quite specifically uninvited. And the ICP Comd was a Gunner Major and he bought me beers that night as well.

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