MPs give themselves £9000 expenses deal by stealth

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Contrarian, Jul 28, 2009.

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  1. ...and then promptly bugger off on holiday.

    You couldn't make it up.
  2. Nor should anybody be surprised.
    Lying, thieving and corrupt. Every last one of them.
  3. So much for the professed determination by Brown, Cameron and Clegg to 'listen to the people's anger'; to 'clean up' Parliament, and 'restore respect and trust'.

    The arrogance of our MPs defies belief and their 'disconnect' from the electorate is incredible!

    Far too 'important' to submit receipts, this is outrageous.

    PS: Are there reasons why these creatures have PAID Annual Leave? Answers on a small postcard please.
  4. Surely there must be some honourable members, Jagman. Though maybe I'm clutching at straws. Things become more Kafkaesque by the week.
  5. Shocked not at all, as for paid annual leave so does an awful lot of us
  6. 'The House of Commons, Miss Harman and the Tories declined to comment'

    Funny that :roll:
  7. 'Disconnect' indeed, lsquared:
  8. There's front and then there's MP's front. They are more brazen than the most brassy of harlots. How ever did the British People sink so low that we deserve to be ruled by this shower of filth? Why should anyone be able to claim for anything without the basic safeguard of being able to produce a receipt? We have already seen just how corrupt our MPs can be, why should we trust them with anything? If they want another £9k added to their salaries then do so and pay taxes on it.
  9. If it were not so tragic.

    We need a coup to clean out that festering pit of corruption.
  10. Nope.
    If any one of them had any degree of deceny or honesty then this would have come out ages ago.
    This was agreed by MP's ages ago, instead of cleaning up the expenses system they have endeavoured to make their claims harder to examine.
    Every MP is complicit in this, those who have not been dipping their fingers direcctly in the till have turned a blind eye to their comrades that do, they are all complicit in wholesale theft of public money. No exceptions.
    If any single one of them had stood infront of TV cameras and said "hang on for a moment, this isn't right" then I might have agreed that there was a little honour left in Westminster. But not one of them has done so.

    Parliaments only interest is in helping itself to our money.

    These people are supposed to administer this country on our behalf, instead all they do is lie and steal. Scum, every last one of them. They are paid a lot of money to look after this country, those who have not directly stolen from us have failed to do what they are paid for and protect us from self serving, corrupt politicians.
  11. Remind me again why I should not vote BNP?
  12. This is the only stealth I want to see over Westminister

    [​IMG] :x
  13. Oh, not them again! :roll:
  14. Can't mate. But you can bet your arrse that if the BNP did pick up a good percentage of the votes, all of the main parties would make bloody sure that they weren't counted and everybody who showed an inclination towards the BNP would end up on 'the System'.....................

    I wonder if the Govt would be a little more lenient on how I do my small businesses' books for tax and VAT :roll:

    I can only assume that there really is a conspiracy to run this country into the ground.

    "Iceberg ahead" anybody ??????????????

  15. All b@stards to a man (and woman) unfortunately. Is it any wonder turn out is so low in elections these days?