MPs get an 80 day summer break

MPs' bumper 80-day summer break

MPs will get a longer summer break this year
MPs are to have an 80-day summer break from the House of Commons.
Commons leader Geoff Hoon said the House will rise on 21 July - and not return until 10 October, after the party conference season.

That means the recess begins a week earlier than expected - and does not include the short sitting in September introduced in recent years.

Ex-Foreign Office minister Chris Mullin said he was disappointed the Commons was reverting to such a long break.
As if it isn't that we pay them enough-80 days!!!! 8O

At this rate they will work for 3 days in the year, I am really begining to look towards another system of government that doesn't allow these lazy, self-serving arrses to vote themselves wage rises and even longer holidays :evil:

As the mouthpiece who said this was TCH, seems his maters voice has spoken. What does the Glorious idiot want to do for the 80 days :? Does he have some cunning paln to slip legislation or emergency laws when parliament is in recess :? 8O
Look at it this way, while they are on holiday they are not making any new laws to make our lives more regulated and less free.
They need the extra time for their fully paid 'fact finding' visits to places such as WI, Australia or some other obscure sun drenched location. All paid for by us taxpayers.
...but Brussels will still be spewing regulations about the shape of cucumbers and the permissable crystal size in jam
Just think.....If you were a road sweeper or some other such public servant and then served just one term as an MP then you could retire on a full MPs pension of Oh about 70 grand a year and a bung of 70 grand because your pervious 'work' will count! Nice work? if u can get it!

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