MPs expenses-Police and CPS form committee!!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by muhandis89, May 15, 2009.

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  1. It seems that MPS cannot decide if the expense scandal is worth investigationg,on their own.Thus a committee is to be formed with CPS,to come to a decision!! Clearly MPS does not want to be dicked again(if possible) by another enquiry involving Honourable Members.
  2. Sorry.Link is here:

  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    What?!?!?! The MPs, the ones allegedly guilty of fraud of the worst kind, are sitting down with the Crown Prosecution Service to decide whether they should face prosecution.

    How cool is that. If I robbed a bank, I'd LOVE to sit down with the CPS to decide how we should all proceed!
  4. MPs = Members of Parliament

    MPS = Metropolitan Police Service
  5. Wah!

    Whats the odds on this being a whitewash, and the result being, "an investigation / prosecution is not in the public interest"?
  6. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Ah the Met police wil investigate MP's
    Wasn't the boss of the Met police appointed by Jackie Smith one of the people they want to investigate?
  7. No. By Boris.
  8. This appears to be a copout by MPS(please excuse the pun).There seems little doubt that CPS(prop Attorney General a politician) will not allow any criminal investigation to go ahead-even on the matter of moats.
  9. No the appointment of the Head on the MPS is appointed jointly by Smith and the Mayor. She was peeved when he announced that Stevenson was the successful candidate as she wished to appoint him personally.
  10. ASHIE: You are a t*sser. Miss 'More Innocent in Every Respect than Driven Snow' Smith appointed the current Commissioner - with Mr. Johnson's agreement.

    PS: This so-called 'Labour', so-called 'government', is now SO utterly corrupted and bereft of any ideas or leadership, that even their 'mouth-pieces, their pathetic 'apologists' - such as 'ashie' - are confused by the difference 'twixt right and wrong.

    Your Majesty - by your Grace and Wisdom, dissolve this dishonest disgraceful parliament, and let people, of all persuasions, elect an honest alternative.
  11. To extrapolate a Groucho Marx sentiment;

    "Anyone who puts themself forward for political office, should be banned from holding that office on that basis".

    Weakly expressed but I think you get the idea.

  12. BBC (aka Neu-Liarbour propaganda division) defending the expenses thefts. 'Any Questions' man Dimbleby fighting hard for his peerage. Waiting now for him to defend Martin - the indefensible.

    Does the BBC understand that it is generally held in the same low opinion as politicians? How can such an organisation be so infiltrated and run by left leaning personnel? There is no balance whatsoever. I HATE paying my licence to fund a gang of quasi-Marxist, sanda-wearing, bearded and doubtless un-washed toss-wits.

    BBC did not mention the mega-thief until he resigned this afternoon. All they told about was 'moats' and 'country houses' (yawn-yawn).

    I want the expenses declared of those MPs who claimed the smallest amounts. I'll give this site a large donation

    (Sorry Dombleby defending Martin again!)

    if my MP is not in the lowest claiming one hundred. She is a gem!

    (For the record: Miss Justine Greening - MP for Putney)

    Now we have the fat and unloved Bliarite Falconer saying how very good the fool Martin is!
  13. The taxpayers alliance is planning to bring private prosecutions if - strike that - WHEN the police fail to act. bbc linky

    i think i'll throw a few quid there way if they are going to do it.
  14. The CPS as a rule only run cast iron cases.But when they are high profile they have no real choice so lets hope at least some of them face the music. But don't hold your breath! its all been a mistake they were all very busy and didn't check what they were claiming for :roll: As soon as they realised what they had done,(all in the last couple of weeks) they have paid the money back,so its OK now! No 'mens rae' :evil:

    On 'Question Time' last night they claimed their exspenses were instead of wage rises they should of had. So if they had a nice big pay rise they wouldn't have to fiddle the exspenses. I think £69,000 for being untrained politicians is already more than they deserve.