Calling all arrse members. Check out this
A web site has been setup where you can register your vote to try to force all MP's to face reselection in their own constituancies. This will enable local people rather than Political Parties to choose who will stand as a local MP. Hopefully this will mean getting rid of a lot of rubbish and replacing them with a more honest and also a more sensible MP who will understand the needs of the Armed Forces, unlike the MP's we have to endure at present who think saving money is more important than saving lives. Also check out the brilliant Duck videos taking the p*** out of the expenses scandal, this is not to be missed.
Please try your best to visit and register your vote and tell all your friends,we need money invested in the Armed Forces now, and I believe only a change of MP's can make this happen,either that or we can embarrass this goverment into changing the way it acts by the sheer numbers voting for change.
The Web Site is

Please try to visit this site even if you don't want to vote, you can still have a laugh at the brilliantly funny Duck videos.

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