MPs expenses details go live online

Another Whitehall whitewash ,so much for freedom of information, if you like black


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It makes a great comparator though doesn't it?

The Telegraph: Here's how and what they steal from you.

Parliament: Here's how we all get together to remove evidence of theft.
Like quite a few my MP has always seemed a "good bloke" but now I reserve judgement.

I'm of the "clean them all out and lets start afresh at the next election" persuasion so I await his thoughts.

"Dear Mr Julian Brazier,

I mail about the redacted details I have just examined.

Whilst I accept "Security" reasons for blanking certain details- address/telephone number/signature, it is TOTALLY unacceptable to withhold the amount of details blanked out.

All MPs are PUBLIC servants.
All are claiming PUBLIC money NOT agreed by the public to fund your lifestyle and therefore there should be no reasons to redact 99% of the information.

Yes it is parliaments rules/directions to publish in this manner but why can you not "grow a set", "man up" and show a lead by deciding to publish-with minor censorship- your own records on your website?.

You want me to pay for something then have the good manners to ask or explain why.

It is often heard "If you have done nothing wrong then you have nothing to worry about", So why are the members of the House worried??

I look forward to you reply,

And please understand, that although I have voted for you at every election, that changes NOW!

You want my vote? Then earn my respect!!


My local MP has clearly been on the take. Huge swathes blacked out, numerous claims for random items with no justification. And the cheeky fcuker has claimed for an accountant preparing his tax return.


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Look on the bright side. We could have politicians like this.

At least he's open about his greed, but I do long for the days when we would be able to laugh at the funny foreigners for doing this type of stuff. Now I suspect a lot of funny foreigners are laughing at us.
I'm tempted to think that this could actually be just what the Telegraph specifically, and more generally anyone who wanted to 'put the boot in' would want.

Consider that, as some have noted, there is a clear line between redacting out personal security/privacy affecting details and crayoning out the lot.

The 'if you have nothing to fear, you have nothing to hide' argument is, I suspect, about to be playing on a few MPs like the fish slapping dance.

Telegraph specifically has the wherewithal to compare and contrast specifically what MPs have crayoned out and batter them to death not just with anything MPs can claim as 'whoops', but instead those items they themselves felt they couldn't get away with exposing.

Tony's reciepts are a joke, if you are lucky you can see the date and the amount....there are whole pages of black, some don't even show the invoicing company's details on them. There are at least 2 pages with the word 'invoice' and the amount as the only bits showing, no date or other info at all.

Also if he left office in June 2007 - how the hell is he still claiming costs in October???

We'll ignore (for now) the £7,000 he charged for roof repairs - in the month he left office!!!

He's also a touch tardy on his payments, the number of bills that include the words 'Payment due now' and 'overdue' are more than I had while a scummy student.

The way this has been presented is a wonderful example to use when resisting the all secret Iraq Inquiry. If this is what they call letting the voters know, my dick is a bloater.

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