MPs Expenses and EU Regional Assemblies

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Giancarlo_Badass, Oct 28, 2009.

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  1. I suspect that the latest recommendations for MP's expenses and new rules for second homes/mortgages etc is a plot to cause uproar amongst so many MP's that the "obvious" solution is to disband Parliament and complete the Regionalism of Britain by carving England into "Regional Assemblies answerable to Brussels" along with the Assemblies of Ulster, Scotland and Wales. Therefore, all MPs will return home to their respective Regions and the Palace of Westminster will be come the EU Presidential Palace for when the "EU Court" in in the UK! Bloody obvious isn't it??!!

    Some may think the ideal complete and utter tosh but I detect the surrender of GB to Brussels to have increased to to a gallop, what with all the crap from Mandleson, the increasing of support for President "Bliar" now backed by Fudger Brown - all without a referendum "as it won't change the way Britain is run"! 'course it won't, we're already run by Brussels! Euro currency by 2015 anybody?
  2. Ah if only it were that easy I'd be happy.........
  3. Why will nobody tell me whether HM The Queen will have to curtsey to Mrs Bliar when the latter named becomes 'First Woman' of Eurineland?

    Come on Europhiles - tell us the truth. (Sorry, 'truth' is not done in Eurineland).
  4. The way things are going,the Pound will be worth fcuk all by then,anyway.I dare say Mandlson's backhanders are safely deposited in a Swiss munbered account in Euros.
  5. The scarey thing is.... That's exactly how they get people to conform to things.
    I mean, just look at Iceland (and Ireland's Yes vote) - they're now well up for getting into the big blue bed with the starry duvet - now that it'll "save" them.

    I'm also pretty sure that's why Britain's been printing more money and then pretending to wonder why the pound's got weaker.... So we'll agree to join the Euro :(
  6. I'm still waiting for the answer to the question "Is HMQ an EU citizen beholden to EU law". If the answer is yes then Gordon Brown is guilty of treason and the Lisbon treaty has no standing in law. He cannot sign away her sovereign rights.
  7. Well, despite being about as Europhile as Nigel Farage, I'll answer.

    There's nothing in any of the vast array of bumpf surroudning the Lisbon Const... sorry, Treaty sections which outline the Presidential role to say that the wife (or husband if the President is female) is entitled to a curtsey.

    For starters, since when has any President and their other half been entitled to a curtsey? But, let's assume that generations of protocol have been torn up and the President of the European Council is somehow monarchical in power...

    First, can you imagine any politician (i.e. the ones who drew the const... sorry, Treaty up) bowing or curtseying to Mrs Blair? Sarkozy, for instance? I think not...

    Second, the Danes, Dutch, Spanish and probably the Belgians have at least a reasonable degree of affection for their monarchs. Even the EU would appreciate that the sight of (say) King Juan Carlos being forced to bow to Mrs Blair would do a spot of damage to the image of the office, suggesting a degree of high-handedness.

    Third, Mrs Blair may well end up as being the wife of the President of the European Council, but she's still a British subject (whatever she thinks of her position). No British subject is entitled to expect a curtsey from the monarch, no matter what political job they hold - and anyway, since she wouldn't be of regal status, no curtsey would ensue anyway.

    Finally, how, exactly, would HMQ be forced to curtsey to Cherie Blair?

    It's not legislated for in the Lisbon Treaty, it goes against all protocol, it'd be politically damaging for the EU's image in the nations which have monarchs, it'd be a PR disaster for the Blairs in more than one country and it's impossible to enforce.

    Apart from those small obstacles...
  8. I reckon Aunt Betty should just drop the nut on the WMF the first time they meet.

  9. There are loads of little niggly bits which seem to be illegal in everything - yet are ignored because MPs and such can do what they wish. And even if people found out they'd simply claim a mistake, and keep in place everything which has sprouted from such a things illegality.

    There are even questions about Mr. Obama's presidency being legal or not....
  10. The official position of HMQ (as on the royal website) is this:

    The last two sections are more for the sake of politeness, since the significant bit is the first paragraph - which in less polite terms equates to "If you think you're applying your piffling little rules to one's personage, Mr Johnny Foreigner, you can, in the words of members of one's armed services, 'do one'".

    It should also be noted that several jurists suggest that if a nation turns round and responds to European Court judgements in a manner which ends '...and the horse you rode in on' (the default setting of the French), there's not actually a great deal that the EU can do, especially if the nation inviting them to * off is one of the major financial contributors to the organisation.
  11. Jesus Christ for the 10000000000 time, the position is not "President of the EU/Europe/overloard of the empire of lefty pacifists" it's president of the council, the post has less power then the guy at the counter of Mcdonalds handling your big mac....he can atleast spit in your burger if annoyed.
    There will be no curtseying (for one thing that is a purely royal affectation, there is no none monarchy in Europe that does that, so why start now?)
    As was said, there are monarchies around Europe who's royal families are held in an even higher regard nationally then the even the Queen ect is held on this board. There is no way (frankly what would be the point) that they would be allowed by their own people to be degraded by Cherie f.ucking Blair and what ever frog mouthed delusions of grandur she has.
    The Queen will still be the head of state, long after Tony B and the witch have galloped onto pastures new....
  12. Many thanks - I shall now remove my tongue from my cheek. :D
  13. Oh! I am sooooo thick, so he is going to be, unelected of course, President of the Eurineland County Council. Doesn't sound grand enough for him but there's none so queer as folk! (Unless we are talking Pretty Peter and the Swamper).

    'Pacifists' eh? They are in for a surprise when Field Marshall Bliar gets his spurs on - oh! yes, in for a very big surprise.

    Maybe, his militaristic antics will cause the Eurineland Soviet to implode.

    Note to Mr. Cameron: Day 1 - disband any vestige of 'Regional Assemblies' in Great Britain and replace them with branches of the Women's Institute or the Cubs.
  14. Grownup_Rafbrat

    Grownup_Rafbrat LE Book Reviewer Good Egg (charities)

    Interesting article in Private Eye this week, along the lines that the Germans and Czech Governments are looking to 'pick and choose' which bits of the Treaty/Constitution apply to them, as the Irish have been allowed to do.

    The Czechs want a guarantee that the Germans cannot use the Treaty to make restitution claims related to expulsions at the end of WW2. Slovakia also wants to protect itself against this.

    Germany's constitutional court (why don't we have one of those, I wonder) said in June that the EU was not properly democratic, the Lisbon Treaty did nothing to correct the 'cultural democratic deficit' and therefore the EU could not automatically have the final word over the rights of its citizens. This is now enshrined in German Law, so Germany's highest courts could overturn judgements of the European Court of Justice if it finds the rights of German citizens have been violated.

    PE's point is that if a big country like Germany starts to say no if it doesn't like a Brussels edict, the door is open to other nations to pick and choose EU laws.

    There's a test case working its way through the German courts, with pronouncement due at the end of the year.

    How ironic, that it takes the Germans to fight for our rights and freedoms, when our own policitians from Heath, through Thatcher and Major to Blair and Brown, have systematically signed them away.
  15. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    The German Federal court (Bundesverfassungsgericht) which operates over the regional federal courts only functions in two areas; senate one, review of laws and legislation; and senate two. political processes.

    If I had an issue with a German contract it would go to the regional Landgericht then eventually to the Bundesgerichtshof - never to the Bundesverfassungsgericht. If I was not happy with a ruling from the Bundesgerichtshof, I could still get it overruled by the European Court of the First Instance or the European Court of Justice. National law cannot be in contradiction to EU law, and where there is overlap one or the other will make a ruling over who has jurisdiction.

    All German courts can be overruled by the ECJ in matters relating to EU law, but not for things that are only applicable under German national law - like having to register your dog....

    There is currently a very interesting case going to the ECJ challenging a Federal law that makes relatives liable for care expenses of old people even if that relationship has ended in divorce. e.g. you get to pay for your ex-wifes mothers old peoples home....