MPs Expenses a Bloody Scandal !

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Norfolknchance, Apr 4, 2008.

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  1. You and me paid for Mr Bliar's TV licence. Also enough food to fill in the Grand Canyon (Fat-Boy Prescott and Call Me Dave) and Broon's no better.

    Why have I (and you) got to pay for their living expenses? Under the Freedom of Information Act can someone tell me why?

    Totally pissed off with this government, establishment and the tosser who came round the roundabout at the end of my road tonight on the mobile indicating to go left. He didn't and almost caused an accident! Waste-o-space merchant!

    :twisted: :evil:
  2. Make them submit their claims on JPA:

    All the claims will be logged making it quicker and easier to release under FOI.

    Their claims will be called forward for audit every five minutes even if it is a £2.50 cup coffee.

    They might get so blood* frustrated with the system that they give up submitting claims at all.
  3. I'm absolutely disgusted by these barstewards - how the fcuk does an MP know the pain most people are going through what with more stealth taxes and increased fuel and food costs when we pay the bills for the thieving fcuks!

    For their crash pads all the most they should get is what I'm lucky enough to get on FIA at the mo (no camp where I am)

    1. furnished rented 1 bed (best of 2 choices)
    2. FIA
    3. HDT
    this is a good deal especially when you consider MPs wages are good and they're only on a posting between elections.

    I'd love the Army to pay me £20,000 a year to offset mortgage costs - but thats never going to happen!!!

    To be honest I'd really like the twats to live in an 'MP' barracks (z - type) in London after all its only a crash pad for when they re at Westminster the rest of the time they re supposed to be in they re constituency's
  4. I think they are worth every penny...................... :roll:
  5. I think I'll walk into HR on Monday and submit a backdated claim for all the lunches I've had to pay for while at work and therefore away from my home.

    I can just see their faces when I ask how much I can claim to buy a flat closer to work, just to crash at to save me travelling home and back each day, you understand.
  6. Disgusting, Prescott claims £4000pa just for his food, that is a hell of a lot of pies.
    Just how does one manage to claim back £21,293 to help pay last years mortgage?
  7. They really are ****ing scum. How can anyone claim for food? Seriously?

    And then just now on telly, vince cable from the Lib Dems tried to defend these people. In relation to food claims, he waffled that some MPs may have to travel to do their jobs. Wtf does that have to do with anything. Everybody else pays for their food. He also refused to say it is wrong to claim for food. This leads me to believe that there must be people in the Libdems engaged in this shameful activity.

    Edit: AAAAAAAAAAH - someone on BBC news just said MPs are underpaid. Chao Chee Bye! Wang Ba Dan! Douche Bag!
  8. The fact of the matter is , that MPs have no conception of right or wrong, they lie, which is a word not allowed in parliament, they cheat , they line their pockets whilst denying others.

    Every topic of public concern is either dismissed as racist or irrelevent, I was going to say that even the best of them until I realised that there is no best of them and that ,hopefully in my life time there wil be a reckoning.

    Every time I read "Starship troopers" I realise how wrong this country is, T Bliar as a serving soldier an interesting concept.
  9. At the risk of opening the North South divide again he does need more pies than the average mp
  10. I'm just surprised that everyone seems surprised about this.
    The snout in the trough tosspots will find, and give, any excuse to take the taxpayers money for any and every reason they can think of.
    Subsidised bars, free transport home after boozing up, employing their family member (well, paying them even though they do nothing) and now food, as if you don't have to eat unless you're on official business.
    And the latest, of course, to stop them fiddling their expenses just give them a 23 grand pay rise so they won't have to fiddle.
    It's already been admitted that these people see the expense level as a target to reach not a legitimate way to pay for doing their job. And don't even get me started on the amount they claim for first and second homes. Plus the idiot who said that the speakers wife was entitled to thousands for taking taxis with the line "What do you expect her to do, wait in a bus queue?" Well, yes, actually. Just like millions of others. Either that or pay for her own frigging taxis.
  11. This is a total disgrace they should be made to pay it all back
  12. If we are going to dabble in fantasy, then they should be made to do all than repay the money the claimed. I am thinking along the lines of a rusty tin opener, a huge dildo and no lubricant.
  13. I can understand payment for mortgage interest and council tax, etc since these are for second homes that they need for their job. But when the homes are resold those payments should count when calculating the capital gains tax! Personnally I'd prefer to see the Houses of Parliament own and maintain a bunch of houses that MPs can use as their second home, it would reduce the amount of abuse that thwey are able to do.

    I'd love to see the expenses for couples (Mr and Mrs Balls?), see if they claimed for the same items. Food-wise they should be limited on what they can have. The company I work for is good for 2-3 pints with an evening meal on expenses (bit different if we're out with the customer, though thats few and far between) and an occasional visit to a cinema or local sites if I'm away for a few weeks, everything has to be receipted though they allow a bit for using coin-op machines (water and snacks) and for very occasional lost receipts. I'd like to see those bar-stewards account for things the same way.
  14. Don't think this is limited to the current buch of "snouts in the trough" scumbags - it's been going on since the start of democracy! - and will eventually spread to Regional Councils and then County Councils! Now, how does one fly out of this sleeze ridden sh*thole without having to go through Terminal 5 and all of it's infringements's on civil liberties?
  15. Where will You go? Which country does not give expenses to its parliamentarians?