MPs expenses - 4 cases with CPS

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by ABrighter2006, Nov 23, 2009.

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  1. Should make for a few hours / days of speculation. :D

    Place your bets now!

    MPs and peers expenses cases referred to prosecutors

    He added that these would "now be subject to CPS consideration on whether there should be any charges".
  2. Don't get too excited.It'll all get sorted over brandy and cigars in a wee room just of Pall Mall.They will resign to spend more time with their families.The taste of prison food,I doubt it very much.
  3. A welcome development but shan't be holding my breath. Its what funny handshakes and the Old Boys Club was invented for.
  4. Not enough.
    Systematic theft by hundreds of MP's and four get refered to the CPS?
    Suppose thats what happens when we allow thieves to write their own rules.
  5. They might as well just say sorry now, resign at the next election like all the other criminals in govermong and save the tax payer the money :roll:
  6. Is that ten in total now then?

    Six from the other day, and four from today?
  7. No just four, and they will go to the bottom of the CPS in tray as controversial, and whats the bet nothing happens.
  8. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    So out of 650, four are going forward to be looked at by the CPS.

    I'm betting that only one gets to court, and then gets chucked out.

    So, it total, not one of them will face any legal sanction for stealing.
  9. Quite right 'pimpernel', quite right. Honestly, wasting police time on this.

    Having the nerve to trouble the CPS - (Headed by: Labour Appointee Keir Starmer) - with what is obviously a complete waste of their collective brains and leisure time.

    Remember the sixteen months 'nonsense' into the 'Cash for Questions' scam?

    Same result here, NO case to answer.

    All as innocent as any innocent person in a world populated by innocent people - except that Tory bastard!

    Why do we have these nonsenses - look how much tomorrow's fvcking waste of time will cost out of tax money - you forgot? The Iraq War White-Wash.
  10. The names Lord Levy, Ruth Turner, Sir Christopher Evans and hmm, who else, oh yes Tony Blair spring to mind. Something to do with cash for honours and Knighthoods for donations to Blairs' academies. Sixteen months of police investigation costing nearly a million quid kicked into touch by the CPS.
    Allegations of a cover up? of course, did anyone really think it would get to court? no. What chance this one then? I would hope that they will have learned from the other and they know that it will be hugely popular if these corrupt bastards go down. Jeffrey Archer was a Saint compared to this shower.
  11. Got a bit concerned there for a minute - I thought you meant RMP claims - just put a JPA one in for £49 which has been (yet again) selected for audit!!!!
  12. The problem is that it wasn't actually criminal in almost all of the cases. They weren't expenses, but allowances which means that the claims weren't technically fraudulent. Even flipping residences is in a grey area.

    The MPs who made huge amounts of money through lies, however, can actually be prosecuted. I suspect the number who can is slighly higher than four but even when we combine both houses then I really doubt that it can be more than 20.
  13. Shame they cannot be prosecuted for their low morals!!!!

  14. Most of them have none at all. Pssst..stick a nought on your £49 claim. :wink:
  15. Thats the problem. I'd like to see most of them hung from the roof of the Palace of Westminster by thier balls for how much they have a bused this country.

    Sadly, what they should be prosecuted for isn't actually illegal. Whilst this is further evidence of endemic legitimised corruption infesting whitehall, there is sadly chuff all we can do about it except bend over and think of England.