MPs Expences Bill

Government 1. Public 0

Plus a distraction of swine flu just before they all run off for 82 days to give us plenty of time to forget all about it. And the worst thing is, they are probably right,we will forget.
Why is anyone remotely suprised? Normal service is continuing and if you think it will change under Cameron you are in Cloud Cuckoo land.
Same thieving, we just pay more for it to happen.

On a side note, i recently wrote to my MP regarding the banks that had been nationalised, particularly on the point that every household has effectively paid £2000 plus into rescuing them.

My question to him was, if we own the banks, and our money has been put into them "could i sell my shares now as the price is quite good and i could do with the two grand"?

His comment was curt, "No, this is a National Asset, not a personal asset owned by the people"!

Hmmmm more double speak.



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So, they got caught with their hands in the till, they got caught lying, and nobody has been charged, no changes have been made.

fcuking sickening.

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