MPs -exempt from the Freedom of Information Act

Don't normally have any time for the Libdems but here's hoping Baker and Hughes can talk this one out of time again.
I have told my excellent Tory MP, that I shall destroy my Tory Party membership card if this, Tory generated, Bill becomes law.

Cameron - for crying out loud ! Wake up and start OPPOSING this dreadful and dangerous administration. The list of 'targets' for you and your team to attack is endless.
another case of mp's wanting to be the exception than the rule for all ... just like the enormous pensions they voted for themselves whilst joe public lost theirs ... let's hope it gets talked out again
A politican who isn't bent? makes you wonder what on Earth he's doing in Parliament.

Hats off to the LibDem concerned, I have no time for them as a rule but credit where it's due.


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The gummint is officially 'neutral' on the issue, but behind the scenes it would seem that this bill has gone through the parliamentary process so incredibly fast, it could not have done so without the tacit backing of the gummint. The fact that it ran out of time last Friday and yet is back in today means that someone (the gummint) have pushed it back through as fast as they could.

More lies, more spin and more degradation of the checks and balances.

If this bill becomes law, I will personally ignore the law unless it suits me. To put it bluntly, I will provide no information to anyone that they request under this act.
I think that the most disturbing thing about this bill is the amount of obvious apathy amongst politicians of all parties.
There were 2 divisions concerning amendments last Friday and the total number of votes cast was only 52 (plus 4 tellers) out of a House of 646 members. How can this possibly reflect any form of democracy when hardly anyone bothers to vote?
For info:

Votes for :
Labour MPs: 33
Tory MPs : 13
Libdem MPs : 0

Votes Against :
Labour MPs : 4
Tory MPs : 1
Libdem MPs : 1

Were they all in the Tearoom or something?
fecking tossers the lot of 'em!!

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