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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by YANTOFULPELT, Sep 5, 2006.

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  1. I am f**king fed up with MP's/AM/SMP's etc saying "what a great sacrifice in life and limb our wonderful armed forces are giving for the benefit of the UK and it's security"

    How many have son's or daughters serving? How many have stood up in the House and said " My kids kit is s**t".

    Kim Howell nearly made me puke yesterday with his pathetic Boney BLiar spiele of Policy Speak. This the man who was investigated for destroying eveidence when a Taxi Driver was killed during the miners strike!!!!

    Rant over but how many have serving children? (Royals exempt).
  2. I'm just fed up with MPs......
  3. Has anyone read "Red Storm Rising" by Tom Clancy? Theres a paragraph involving a conversation between a General and a Politburo member in there that I've found particularly apt,

    "Those who would lead must serve first"

    Similar to the Sandhurst motto, but I'd have more respect for an ex-military MP who had serving children. People may rubbish the Royals, but they always serve in the military and as is being shown with Harry, and Andrew in the Falklands, arn't afraid to serve on the front lines.

    And before anyone says that Andy's chopper was secured to the deck miles away from the action for the war, he was still closer to it than young Blair.
  4. Good book, excellent quote Praetorian, if only it were true.
  5. So I take it that there aren't any?

    "Red Storm Rising" Top Book and fabulous quote.
  6. Similar to what Michael Moore asked member of Congress in Faranheit 9/11.
  7. I doubt there are any, lets face it, we'd have seen 'em splashed allover the dailys with copious amounts of 'War Hero' headlines thrown in for good measure and if true, it just points to them being even further removed from the public they are supposed to represent, in my opinion anyway....
  8. There are one or two Congress Members in America who have serving sons arn't there?
  9. Bouillabaisse

    Bouillabaisse LE Book Reviewer

    It's not going to do their boy's career much good if they did, would it? So I suspect them that have keep shtum about it in public.
  10. Has it ever been raised in the House that kit is shit in general, not as a specific case?
  11. Yeah, there was, thinking about it. But they declined to be interviewed I think. I haven't seen it in ages, so am probably wrong.
  12. don't know about his kids, but Eric Joyce MP for Falkirk did his bit, he served in Black Watch
  13. more to the point, sod the MP's children,
    lets get some of those spineless mincers that call themsleves MP's out there to take the place of the lads we've lost this week!!

    (not that they deserved to even breathe the same air as those lads did!!)
  14. War is the result of the failure of politicians. so you f*cked it up, get the green kit on and go and sort it out.
  15. ...and the AGC before he opted for self-service!