MPS Assessment week/ Course


At the risk of being lit up and out of curiousity, are there any MPS types on here that can let me know what the Assessment week of the selection course entails? By PM if necessary. Many thanks.
I was MPSC then MPS from Nov 1988 till July 1995. The main assessment during the course was the BFT. The only failure on the BFT was in fact the only infantryman on the course and he was not seen again.

We were supposed to do a BFT weekly and get an improved performance each time but it never happened. Obviously time has moved on and I am not up to date so it is likely that a lot has now changed.

The two types they were looking to weed out from the transferee's during my time were the unfit BFT failures and those looking for a permanent UK posting to save their marriage. As Germany is no longer the "prison sentence" many cold war vets felt it was I suppose the latter is now longer a problem.
As I have been out for 14 years now I suppose my comments are totally out of date but at least I was prepared to reply.

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