MPs are going mental over expenses, literally!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Sangreal, Oct 12, 2011.

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  1. From the University of Being Out of Touch with Reality comes this article regarding MPs' expenses - BBC News - Tighter expenses rules 'harming MPs' mental health'

    I particularly liked the comment referring to '...increased workloads but decreased rewards' which I suspect would chime with most Army personnel these days.
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  2. Oh Gawd the plod disease has spread. Self pity and the broadcasting of ridiculous demands to be worshipped by an allegedly ungrateful public who allegedly trouble them too much.
  3. My heart bleeds for them. Why do they believe that "legitimate" expenses were part of their "reward"?
    Perhaps if they don't like the situation they should seek alternative employment. Yeh and pigs might fly.
    Try a few weeks at Tesco (other supermarkets are available) and compare the reward.
    This demonstrates a new low, even for these bottom feeding scum.
    (They have a Consultant Occupational Physician in post?? Money to be saved there methinks!)
  4. Well if the strain gets too much for any of them I'm happy to do my civic duty and take over their seat for them. For £68,000 a year plus goldplated pension, I could turn up to half the debates and readings and avoid my constituents like the dirty pleb lepers they are so should fit in nicely :)
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  5. Fair enough, set a maximum they can claim in expenses as in any other sector. In my case it was £50 per day which was to cover travel, accommodation & meals. I couldn't claim for moat cleaning, flat-screen t.vs, digestive biscuits or porn channels. :)
  6. There was another reason you started doing it?
  7. Someone needs to kick these MPs is their collective minges and tell them to stop being so ****ing precious!
  8. I'd bum you for £100 a day,

    P.s. pushing back is just good manners ol' boy. :)
  9. A quote that I quite like:

    "The bureaucracy of Ipsa has increased their workload, they find it increasingly frustrating to deal with Ipsa, they are concerned that the way the expenses are reported by Ipsa is picked up by their local constituency press and there can be some fairly vitriolic reporting of that."

    If they don't like vitriolic reporting, they should stop fiddling their expenses!
  10. I'm gonna take my firm to Industrial tribunal, the court of Human Rights & write to the Times.

    I've just put in an expenses claim for my second home, utility bills, redecorating & my castle walls re-pointing & they told me to feck off.
  11. They should try JPA, that'd have them pulling their immaculately coiffed hair out.

    When I think about all the times I've bought my own kit, lost leave and paid my own way to go on courses/duties out of my own pocket I could quite happily strangle every single one of these leaching vermin who try to make out that they 'represent' us.
  12. "This is your Captain speaking; the Sympathy Plane has just landed at Man The **** Up And Get Over It Airport. Thank you for flying ARRSE."

    I offer the following advice to MP's for whom it all gets to be too much: remember to cut down, not across.
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  13. I left in 1981, thankfully, LONG before JPA was even a gleam in some moronic accountant's eye.

    I know what you mean about using your own money to get the job done. I reckon a lot of us have had to do it in one way or another because the Government of the day cut the defence budget.

    I'm definitely with you on strangling the vermin!
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  15. yeah cos they are all guilty and have something to hide and going mental covering their backsides!