MPs and their medals.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RNMAMULL, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. If they are entitled to it then why not?
  2. Exactly. It looks like some posh version of the TA.
  3. I can see why some might want to get the outrage bus POL'd for this but - puh-leeze - no need.

    If MPs are being awarded AFPS medals then I'm not losing much sleep, other than asking the obvious question of "why?".
  4. Had an MP come out on (police) patrol with me a few years ago. He seemed very switched on about the AF and if it gets poli's out of the house and seeing real something approaching real life I am on all in favour. I am more miffed about the "commissions" they seem to be earning actually.
  5. Trying to give a fvck, nope couldn't manage it. Never mind there will be another outrage bus along soon no doubt.
  6. Anything that encourages MPs to take an interest in the Armed Forces or recognises them for having done so is alright by me. If it's official, it's not 'Mickey Mouse'; it's just a badge. None of them seem to be confusing it with an award for gallantry or long service so why are others?
  7. We keep moaning about how few MPs have previous military experience. At least the AFPS is a way to give them some and see the different services from a variety of view points.

    An unofficial medal that is effectively nothing more than a commitment award is really not something that causes me any concern.

    If anything expand the AFPS making it obligatory to have so many days previous experience to be qualified to work in either MoD, FCO, Treasury or DFID as a junior minister and we might get some more awareness into the system.
  8. From the article -


  9. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    ANYTHING that gets our contemptible MPs out of their duck house and into contact with the armed services MUST be good, because it gives serving people a chance to bend the MPs ears (which I hope they DO) - if these second-rate half men have to be bribed with a bit of bling so be it.
  10. I've changed my mind, anything that p1sses of Terry Scriven gets my vote.
  11. The ONLY honours and awards that are valid in this country are those authorised by HM The Queen.

    The Labour 'filth' and their Tory 'running dogs', and the 'Limp-Dicks', all allied to republican rubbish such as 'llech', can invent all manner of 'bling' they like, but it means NOTHING!!!!!

    Just think of the sad twerp parading on Remembrance Sunday with seventeen medals, all bought by his wife, and then we can clearly see this bunch of irrelevant nonentities for what they are - nonentities.

    As for the 'passed the sell by date', third rate, doddering clown, dishing these irrelevancies out - don't even go there.
  12. "Terry Scriven, a co-chairman of the campaign, said: "This scheme started off as very laudable, but it is outrageous that an MP can get what is effectively a Mickey Mouse medal for little more than 22 days' service when we have members who served our country and got nothing. I don't understand how a scheme like this can be run by a private organisation outside of the MoD or Parliament's control."

    "Colonel Scriven, who served as a military police officer, is standing as a Liberal Democrat candidate against Julian Lewis at the next election. Dr Lewis, who has risen to the rank of brigadier in the AFPS, has accused him in Parliament of trying to smear him and orchestrating a campaign to undermine him"

    Think that is possibly Tony Scriven?
  13. I worked for T-S when he was in the RMP, & found him to be one of the fairest, most decent officers I've ever worked for. He also took an interest in what his troops did after they left the service, the only time I've come across an officer who did that. Plus he thought B******k was a knobber from when they'd served together in Jnr Ldrs, which made him even more of a good egg IMHO. I had heard he was putting himself up as a LibDem candidate, even if he is now trying a bit of self-publicity now I'd still be curious to see how he's doing.