MPs and Tax?

Not being a tax guru I was wondering what the taxman thinks of the claims that "Right Honourable Members" have made.

Those of us ordinary mortals that claim expenses incured as a direct result of work have to prove as such via submitting receipts - any money received that is not regarded as directly compensating necessary work expenses is classified by the Inland Revenue as income.

On this basis surely many MPs must now be looking at charges of tax evasion, or not declaring income? Can Parliament protect MPs from the long arm of the tax man? Moat clearing should come out of net income IMO and Parliament paying for it should be classified as income?
The taxman is happy with either receipted actuals or a flat rate system provided that flat rate (called a dispensation IIRC) is cleared with them in advance & backed up with a business case.
The third rate 'all-party filth' that have stolen money from the tax-payers for many, many years, are also the 'third rate filth' that make the laws that our third rate, and wholly politicised, police 'farces' attempt (mainly unsuccessfully) to enforce.

Hold no hopes of any political criminal being charged, let alone convicted, of any offence.

EUROPE is even worse! Much, much worse.

Thieving is practically COMPULSORY in the unelected, unaccountable, unsackable, faceless, anonymous European Pig-Swilling Soviet Union.
HMRC would not, under any circumstances, accept most expenses claimed by MPs as justifiable. Even the dispensation scheme, that allows foreigners to work tax free in the UK, would not cover groceries, packets of malteesers and mortgage interest.

MPs avoid their expenses being taxed as a benefit in kind, as yours would be if your employer paid your mortgage, because they are exempt from the tax laws that apply to the rest of us.

The Income Tax Act 2003 and the annual Finance Acts all contain clauses that effectively say 'none of this applies to MPs' expenses'. I'd certainly like to know who authorised tax exemption for MPs. Oh yes - I remember now. That would be - MPs.

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