MPs and peers told to flee for their lives if terrorists attack Parliament

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MPs and peers told to flee for their lives if terrorists attack Parliament - Telegraph

What do you reckon, should they:

A. Hide under their desk and await rescue by Them?

B. Hide under their desk and await rescue from the Old Bill?

C. Hide under their desk, hope for the best and quickly pass a motion condemning the violence ?

D. Run for their lives not knowing where the baddies are and hoping they make it to an exit?

Having visited the HoP a few years ago and had a few beers on the terrace overlooking the river, I noticed two things; some of the peers would have trouble moving under their own steam due to advanced dotage and some of the MPs had so much piss on board they would have trouble walking as well.

My opinion, I think they should make a run for it as moving targets are harder to hit than sitting ducks but who knows how people will react when it gets all noisy and shouty.

(no idea how to make linky small and succinct and I realise that passing a motion can be taken two ways)


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They should jump up and down, waving their arms around shouting "Shoot me, shoot me!" Either the terrorists would die laughing, or we'd be rid of another bunch of crooks. We win either way.


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They should table a Parliamentary Question to the Home Secretary, asking what he planned to do about it, and await events. Being wholly and completely ineffectual should come easily to them.


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They really should leap out into the streets demanding their free ammunition and shoulder bags, because being public servants who work hard, they are as much entitled to these perks as anyone else. For the terrorists, I can confirm that giving them the bullets is within the rules, if not the spirit.
The more social ones will go down to the Members Bar and have a good stiff drinkies......
'...Run for it leaving any wounded behind!'

No surprises there, then!
They should run straight at the terrorists screaming things like, "The Prophet was a Pedo!" and "Your mother sucks pig's cocks in Hell!"
So now we know the plan, all we need to do is suss out the killing ground and fireplan? Sweet.
They should, of course, refuse to negotiate with terrorists, and stand their ground, carrying on the day's business in the proper British way, while they wait for Them to arrive. In the light of SDSR Them should make their way from Hereford by bicycle, in order not to overstretch an already tight budget. It would be too risky under the current H&S regime for CIVPOL to enter the building, so its best if they simply set up a perimeter to contain the terrorists until all the politicians are dead or the terrorists run out of ammunition. Having contained the situation, it might be safest if, rather than clear the building room by room, the building was simply levelled. Of course, the only artillery left may be the ones used to salute Her Majesty, and the crabs will have run out of aircraft with any airframe hours left, but perhaps the Andrew could prepare by ordering in some shells for HMS Belfast. That should have the firepower to ensure there are no terrorists left alive to sue for compo.
Depressingly, there is apparently no imminent threat of an attack on the HoP.

Terrorists are like taxis; they are impossible to find when you really need one...


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They can get some practice in when the students go on the rampage again on the 24th :)
Is this a spoof post?

If not, then these are the spineless, gutless, unprincipled, supine, Euroland loving, collection of expenses guzzling third rate non-entities that in their wisdom send Her Majesty's Armed Forces into war!

Shame! Shame! Shame!

PS: Do the personal manicurists and tooth-brush holders also run away?


They should jump up and down, waving their arms around shouting "Shoot me, shoot me!" Either the terrorists would die laughing, or we'd be rid of another bunch of crooks. We win either way.
There would be a fortune to be made selling tickets for that event.
I'd like to offer to hold the keys of their rather exotic wine cellar while all the shooting is in session if I may please? I could dress up as a mad fcuker like that bloke Harry Faversham. No wait............ mad fcuker? The place is full of them. I need to think this through a bit more................
They needed to be told? I always expected them to do that anyway, mind you the last govt even held the door open and invited them to take a seat.
For humanitarian reasons each politician should be issued a Webley with 2 round of ammunition so that they can prevent themselves being taken prisoner. Why 2 rounds? Some might be dim enough to miss on the first try. Of course they would be welcome to practice before any attack if they wish.
more seriously, as this is not the NAAFI Bar, the statement as published is sadly defeatist. i would prefer that they show a bit of the attitude of a former MP who said "We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, we shall fight on the beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender."

A bit of that attitude would be nice to see. i also wonder about the reference to 'unarmed police officers'. WTF, why are they unarmed? What would be wrong with arming them or placing trained armed officers there. There certainly are enough armed officers at Heathrow. Is Heathrow more important than Westminster Palace? Are the weapons carried by the Guards real or have they been re-issued airsoft guns due to an excess of PCness?

I really hope that the article is some sort of disinformation effort.
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