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Apologies if this has already been covered, but I've been away and couldn't find it with the search function. I was forwarded this e-mail today from a former buddy, currently resident in Berlin.

Subject: MPs medals "So wrong"

Can you all take time to read this and add your names please. I didn't know this but MPs get a medal for visiting a war zone. They don't have to do time in country like our service personnel and they don't have to wait months afterwards to get presented with the thing. Medals are all the recognition we as soldiers get for spending long months in staggeringly deprived locations getting shot at and blown up.

The most action and flak an MP sees is over their expenses. As we saw with the Wootton Basset petition thousands of signatures in a short space of time did make the government act. They cannot ignore the voters. Especially now with elections looming. Please take the time to sign this petition and please encourage all your family to also do so. Where it asks for your name also add on the same line former military if you were. You will see what others have done. I think this adds just a little more bite to the petition. Once again get everyone with an email address to sign, including neighbours.

Lets do our service personal this small service for all the danger they face and hard work they complete in the name of our country.
FFS, been discused before, they don't "get a medal for visiting a war zone" they get a badge for 10 year membership of the "Armed Forces Parlimentary Scheme"
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