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It's the other way round isn't it? Regs go to MPGS when you've been out a couple of years and miss it, but not too much
Regs is 32.11 for majority of jobs ......if your MPGS now you must of served before so would be a 're joiner and would have to do the whole application process. If too old then the other option is Reserves...but you would have to leave MPGS first as can't be both.


Mongus Maximus.

I can't believe you would actually join this site to ask that when it would have been less hassle to chat to a recruiter on the official army site.

And they wouldn't even have abused you either.
You hear that, Nobby? He called you a cock.
Maybe, but a cock that passed his BARB (I'm assuming that's what we knew as the Army Personnel Aptitude Test now)
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