Just a quick question.

Does anybody know if you are able to join the Special Constabulary whilst serving with the MPGS? If not, does anybody know the reasoning behind it?

I would have thought that somebody with 3 days off a week, who is in a steady job in a steady location and who is non-deployable would have been a good choice.

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No, due to the fact there could be conflict of interest even though there may not be in reality. Check your local police force website for specials you usually find a list of excluded occupations. Your not alone though door staff, traffic wardens PCSO's to name a few.
Depends on your force, but I know one of the specials in my hub is also MPGS. I think you're allowed as technically you are a civil servant, or something like that.


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Fear not! You can, however, join the Tufty Club, a vital and worthwhile organisation that is under threat. Join and help swell our numbers in the face of government mismanagement, Conservative ignorance, Labour corruption and LibDem.......well, apathy, I suppose.

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