Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Forks, Mar 12, 2010.

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  1. Now, I don't have a problem with these guys, they do their job, I do mine and they open the nice little barrier for me and I go on my way. But from some phase 2s I know, I've heard that they can act a bit big for their boots and start throwing their 'rank' around.

    Question is, do they actually have a rank? Does Mr 'I'm a Sergeant' really have any authority over an actual soldier beyond checking IDs? Can they demand to be called by their rank or is it all civvies trying get their jollies by bullying recruits?

    I know if you act like a dick to them they'll probably go and cry to the RSM and then someone with a real rank will be on your case.

    Not really slagging them off, but just wondering the actual legitimacy of the stripes on their jackets. v
  2. Check the perimeter fence! Yippee

    What has Antlers, and bleeds??? STAG ON!!
  3. Ask them what they used to do when they were in the real Army. They don't half get a strop on.
  4. Especially if they are Ex RAF Regt...
  5. Just saw the requirements in the linked page:
  6. The MPGS stag on so you dont have to. Be nice.
  7. I had dreams about stagging on whilst serving, I volunteered all the time for duties. Sometimes even pay someone on a weekend do theirs!

    So did all the other lads! I never once heard a complaint about guard duties.

    I'd loving nothing more than to leave the Army, and stand on a gate 24/7 :roll:
  8. I don't have to anyway, I'm a civvie. :p

    But point taken.
  9. Im MPGS and if you ask me what I was in the real army, I'll tell you I was a Sapper. No skin off my nose. I get 27 grand a year for opening those nice barriers for you chaps, and I get 4 days off for every 4 worked where as before, when I worked on the building sites, I got one day off a week which i spent sleeping so I could push out those constant hard days to make some cash.

    This is money for old rope. Free medical and dental, free gym, free or very cheap educational courses, cheap quarter.

    I'll do my job to the best of my ability so you happy little lads can sleep safe at night.

    Call me a civvy, I dont give a fcuk, in my mind Im more civvy than soldier anyway but I'll still do any job just as good as you can. Im 40 but I'll still do my PFT in 10 mins, Im no pie guzzler.

    Oh as for rank, Im a full screw. As far as I know Im a full screw in the British Army, so yes, it proper regular rank. Sounds like someone didnt like getting told off. Theres dicks in every branch of the forces, not just the MPGS ;)
  10. Do you deploy? Not taking the piss, just wondered.
  11. The MPGS (Part of AGC?)

    Take a lot of grief away from us - as well as camp security, main desk & telephone in the Guardroom, key duties, escorting people round camp and out of hours assistance for deliveries, weapons receipt/issue. (Not to mention looking after the recruits when they're booking in/out or doing shit jobs.)

    I suppose things might differ between training units and normal working units.
  12. No we dont mate. Theres been quite a few lads asking if we ever will as some of us (myself included), would happily do a stint in the sandpit, but our powers that be say its never going to happen.
  13. That's pants.
  14. Must admit, I did not think a full screw in MPGS would be on 27 k a year, I thought maybe a bit lower.
    I know 27 k a year is not mega bucks, but its not bad, when you think of it.Especially for those that have done the full 22 years with pension.
    An average security guard would struggle to make that in most companies, or would have to work alot more hours to earn it.
    Fair enough you are outside in all weathers, and have to pass a PFT and a APWT to do the job.