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  1. I got discharged from the army in 2006 for drink driving, i moved my car 20 meters, from block to car park. Can i still join the MPGS?
  2. You must have been an admin case already to get discharged for that (assuming you're being truthful). So the answer to your question would be - hopefully not
  3. A bit suspect this one, I've known a few individuals get disqualified for drink driving but none were discharged from the Army, anything else your not sharing with us?
  4. no first thing i did wrong too
  5. Bollocks, as already mentioned you don't get discharged for that. Mind you with the new manning control policy I'm sure there will be discharges for this offence in the future.
  6. so how long were you in or have been in
  7. Mate, I did exactly the same a few years back, walked 2 miles back from the mess and then decided I'd drive my car home 200yds from work at 4.30 in the morning (it was on the way home). I've known loads of blokes drive their cars home pissed (in camp, not on public roads) but I wouldn't go as far as labelling them admin cases, just silly fuckers (like me, obviously).

    I'm not saying that there's not more to the story than we've heard so far, just that if this is his only offence, he's been remarkably unlucky. We all grow up eventually, but some people are unfortunate enough to be caught and have to live with the consequences.
  8. I wasn't saying he was an admin case for that offence. I've done the same myself and was caught and definitely didn't get anywhere near a discharge. I'm saying he must of been an admin case ALREADY to have been discharged for it. Now I feel like I've repeated myself :roll:
  9. no your just making assumption about me based on something which i have been punished for, i fucked up an got caught, there is no more to the story, an i guess i was made an example of
  10. It can also be down to a clash of personalities, who caught him doing it, etc.
  11. Given the way manning is (approaching full strength, manning control levers) I would suspect a MPSG recruiting ban kicking in very soon.
  12. I presume you were breathalised, arrested etc? If so, very harsh in my opinion, after all, some drug users are allowed to soldier on
  13. I wouldn't hold your breath in todays climate. They do check on what you were discharged for and the have hundreds who have a clean slate, and not many vacancies, HueyRat will probably be right in thinking the door will close soon.