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  1. Hi All
    I am looking for info on the MPGS like 1.5 mile run time and also what is expected from me in training. Have spoken to the careers office but would like the opion of someone who is in now thank you.
  2. check the sticky you dicky.
  3. There isnt any fitness at selection from what i know, MPGS once selected go for a medical and then get enlisted prior to reporting for training.

    And as for checking the stickies, that would be fine if the information was correct in there ;)

  4. Did you say that last bit whilst pushing your glasses back on to the roof of you nose?
  5. what if i did?

    did you say that because you had sod all else to say and know even less about recruiting? :D
  6. What are you wearing?
  7. bottom of top half? :D
  8. I have read other topics but found no time for the MPGS.
  9. thats because you dont do fitness on selection, given that you can serve up to 55 on the MPGS it would kill half of them! :D

    you need to pass a medical and you need to have a BMI of less than 36 :)
  10. Less than 36 - FFS, isn't that clinically obese??? How the hell do they manage walking the perimeter fence...
  11. I dont think they had running in mind when they selected that BMI as an upper limit, i think it was probably more to do with the fact that they could be used as a barrier if the red and white one broke ;) :D
  12. ah yes, like the old (and not entirely right - girls) bigger is better
  13. they upped the bmi becuase bigger muscley lads werent bein told to thin out and bmi and weight cant really judge as half the rugby players in the world should be dead but are in alot better shape than a 8 stone 16 year old
  14. haha, thats me being told... by a crow may i add
  15. you are talking about them upping the BMI limit for a raw recruit from the old 28 to 32 to take into account heavier framed but physically active people such as weightlifters and rugby players etc (they still have to pass the body fat test though).

    The BMI limit for MPGS is set at 36 because the size of your belly isnt as much as an issue for lifting a barrier or opening a gate as it would be for an Infantryman crawling through a mousehole ;) :D

    In short, as long as you are medically fit then the weight is less of an issue to a camp security force :)