MPGS - What the hell is going on?

There's a recruitment freeze on MPGS intakes until at least December and there's a lot of quite worried bunnies out there concerned as there are, apparently, talks going on discussing the merits, or not, of MOD Police and MPGS. Despite MPGS personnel being on MLSE, I've heard someone within the organisation state that compulsory moving around sites outside the 30 mile radius may be brought in. An military engagement is legally binding, right? Or, in reality, is only the soldier obliged to honour his/her engagement!!

I know the MPGS is part of the regular army but MLSE is very different to any other type of service offered by the army so I'm very confused as to how compulsory postings would work in that particular part of the service!!??

Some information please?
I believe that,at this stage in the proceedings,your enquiry would be better served by contacting MPGS HQ at Southwick Park for their considered verdict of matters at this time.The whole country's finances are in a right pickle at the moment,and after next year's General Election the new Chancellor,whoever he/she may be,will be obliged to make some tricky decisions regarding public expenditure.Defence has always been particularly vulnerable to the axe,and it is my belief that next year some 'sacred cows' will be led unceremoniously to the slaughter. I believe that it would be monumentally unwise to speculate further on this or any other unrestricted forum.
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