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Discussion in 'Police, PMCs, Security' started by Peach, May 5, 2013.

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  1. Hi all,

    applied to join the MPGS over a month ago, just wondering if they are still recruiting? I seen an active recruiting drive in Feb, but with troops coming back from Germany etc I'm quite sceptical, plus I haven't heard anything from the careers office..

    any info would be greatly appreciated, I'm in the Navy at the minute (please be gentle) but looking to MPGS as its closer and no deployments etc.

    cheers in advance, Peach
  2. You'll have a much better chance if your still serving that's for sure. A few years back I applied as hated my civi job at the time and generally missed the banter/lifestyle in two years I was offered 1 was ******* miles away from home the other side of the country so I said no thanks and I never heard a thing again. Im actually happy in my job now so I'm glad I didn't take the job. If your in the south east forget about it as the Gurka lads get all the mpgs jobs.
  3. I'm in the North West but bases are few and far between. We shall see!
  4. sup rec

    sup rec LE Book Reviewer

    They are still recruiting but jobs are few and far between. If you are still serving you can apply to transfer but you would go in as a Level 4 Pte soldier.

    Some other points to remember, you can't earn more than on your last day in service. Therefore depending on what rank you are your pension may be abated (along the same lines as FTRS).

    If you are succesful you have to agree to work up to 30 miles from your parent unit location. So if you live 30 miles away from the unit you get posted to they can make you go another 30 to a different location. This is one of the cotractual points so there is no way to avoid this.

    If you limit your locations then you immediately limit your options.

    Ghurka's do not get all the jobs. There is a large number that apply and therefore get jobs but every applicant has as much chance as the other. Your previous record is taken into account as part of your application.

    The jobs in Germany are GGS not MPGS so won't affect an application in UK.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Yes, yes it does help! Thanks!

    Im aware of the 30 mile rule, and happy with that, as where I live now is a dive! I put in my remarks that I want Preston barracks, so I'm not sure if that is taken as my preferential unit, if it is then it limits me quite a lot as ere are very few bases nearby. I may get in touch with the AFCO and try and change my pref to anywhere!

    With regards to the pay, I'm only an AB now so it would only be a 3k drop, and I'd save that in fuel etc so that's no issue.

    great info though, appreciate that, thank you
  6. Regarding entry into the MPGS, I am currently at stage 3 of the process so quite a while to go yet.

    Just wondering if anyone knows the length of contract that a mpgs soldier signs up to? Can you do a full 22 (55 years old), or are you booted out after 3 years?
  7. The contracts are renewed every 3 years as long as your discipline and fitness is up to scratch

  8. Big help thanks
  9. IIRC it's a 3 year renewal contract based on mutual agreement from yourself & Line Manager/OC.

    Maximum age limit is 55 yrs old, there's quite a few MPGS (inc Ghurkas) within Londist, many are within the south east area but the same can be said Nationwide.
  10. So your saying theres quite a LONG waiting time..
  11. so does anyone know just how long i could be waiting?
  12. According to the guys at my place APC are struggling with the process rebalancing MPGS sites which are closing & the backlog of applicants.

    However applying now is still better than awaiting all the personnel being withdrawn back from Germany that maybe have similar agendas.
  13. So how long are we looking at? A year, two years?
  14. With the shortages at some units it should be much quicker...
  15. He's been waiting a year already...