MPGS unarmed?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by starkie2005blue, Jun 9, 2009.

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  1. An elaborate plan to lure the taleban in, by the medium of c0cks plastering it over the t'interweb for all to see.
  2. Point taken, however it's plastered on possibally the world's biggest social networking site already
  3. Oh, well that makes it OfuckingK then... :roll:
  4. The MPGS clearly dont need guns when they can use their considerable intelligence. A pick handle worked for me when I was a boy soldier!
  5. Somebody along the line is going to notice if the guy on the gate is armed or not, internet forum searching or not. Just wondering why?
  6. Why dont you just go up to one of the main gates and fucking ask?
  7. Bloody hell Flash, it isn't like he's just given away state secrets or valuable intelligence on base security is it? Don't you think you are being a bit harsh? Besides, unarmed or not, the MGS will be armed and will surely slot anyone who tries to do over one of the MPGS guards, won't they? Or am I getting the two mixed up again? Which one is staffed by old crusties who wear blue and which one pretends to be soldiers?

    Edited for mong as usual!
  8. MGS - Civvies in Blue

    MPGS - Old wrinklies who do not want to give up the Green Stuff!!

    So if MPGS are not armed, then it will be back to units to staff the gate again!! Stag On!!
  9. Most Bks have a guard member on the gate along with the MPGS, and 99% of the time that guard member will indeed be packing heat.
  10. This pretend soldier gets 26K a year for working 5 months, leaving him 7 months to go surfing, and not even realising theres a recession on. So who's the mug? :roll:

    As for being unarmed....not at this callsigns unit.

    I'm 39, can pass my PFT just fine and would happily give up the green stuff, but why? To go back to working on construction sites for ridiculous hours in jobs that arent guaranteed? and paying full whack for a sh1tty little flat when I can have a nice quarter in Cornwall where the average 1 bedroom flat costs over £500 a month to rent? Nah! I'll stick to money for old rope thanks.
  11. See LFGR for details-coming to a Main Gate near you soon!
  12. Well, I know MPGS @ C**** C**** aren't armed...

    Then again, if there was an Armoury you might get somewhere...
  13. Fulwood have MPGS manning the gate with a TA soldier who is armed behind the scenes, thats what I was told anyways.