MPGS Snco CLM changes

Last year (ish) I completed my Snco CLM part 2 at Southwick Park, unfortunately I was Unable to get loaded up on the 3 week education part 1 course before the CLM alterations.
So imagine my suprise today when my gaffer approached me with a huge grin on his clock (tit), and informed me that, after a successful fact finding trip to Mordor, (Southwick) today he was pleased to announce all that rubbish that I absorbed on the CLM 2 was indeed rubbish and now I will have to do it all again......... but not until November earliest.
Imagine the Horror, the Disembibed rejection ! :( , has anyone else fallen into this heanous trap and is it true that we can crucify (upsidedown) all the MPGS edumacation peoples and display their rotting corpses on the road leading into mordor ? (well thats what I heard, and only this weekend.... so cmon chaps, ring MT tommorrow before its to late, and we shall ride our trusty steeds (corsa's 1.1s) into history.
OK-from the book-CLM Policy, Chap 5 Annex J &K which is AGC(SPS Provost and MPGS) which includes in the SPS area the only reference to transistional arrangements which says ...CPls who have passed the [old style] Arms and Services CLM but have not atttended the AEC element will have to do parts 2 (work based learning) and part 3 AEC (1 week). However.....the MPGS part doesn't have any reference to transition arrangements. you should take this up with you CoC who should seek guidance from you MCM Div in Glasgow. Sorry I can't be more specific. The general guidance doesn't cover you circumstances as it works on the assumption that everyone would have done the Arms and Services part first (or if it does it's well hidden).
Can anyone please explain to me what CLM I have to complete. I served 24years in the infantry and retired as a WO2 in 2010. I joined the MPGS in 2012 and I am currently a Pte. I had completed the old system EFP but understand I am required to complete the new CLM as EFP is obsolete. I have completed Lit & Num level 2, what other CLM elliments do I need to complete and what do they consist of? Thanks

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