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Sorry if you have heard this before. I have recently applied (last week) to the MPGS. I am within the criteria they set, y'know been out for lest then ten years, not mega fat etc etc. I was just wondering how long the process usually takes and how difficult it is to get in. Me and my wife and kids are sick of civi life but don't want to move about too much so though the MPGS perfect. The missus just wants the house! Any help would be appreciated. Cheers
A Mate of mine just went through the process and the whole thing only took a few months at most. He may just have been lucky, though. I'm not sure how often the course is run but his seemed to come around really quick. He had his first interview around May at the local ACIO, then a medical, refernces taken up, attestation, and came off the training course at the begining of last month and was posted straight to his Unit.
if you are wanting to restrict yourself to a spacific area then you could be waiting some time. for instance we have alsmost 50 people waiting to come to our unit and only around 5 current gaps. if your not going to restrict yourself to an area then you would get through the sytem a lot quicker. phone mpgs recruitment at southwick park. find out where they have difficulty recruiting and take it from there. something else to take in to consideration is what service you previously served in. if raf or navy then it takes longer as glasgow have to get your paperwork from records. there are around 500 currently waiting to join mpgs i hear so good luck.
I could be wrong on this, but would being in the MPGS really give you back what you are missing from being in the Army? I don't believe it would be the same - it's a good option for someone on a pension who just wants to top it up, but stagging on for a living must be so boring??
yes and no........yes your back in uniform and come under military law. you carry a mod90 are in the army just on a local engagement. what i have experienced and i hear its the same at most sites is that because your not the same cap badge as your parenting unit then your not really accepted and many dont look upon you as real army. often being called "dads army". As for stagging on well there other things you do besides that. foot patrols local mobile patrols in the MPGS vehicles guard room work. depending on your units depends how long you will "stag on" some units only have pte and lcpl on the gate other use cpls and even sgts do the odd bit. depends on the size of your unit. promotion can be a lot quicker with most ex snco getting their first tape within 6/8 months but even the most fool hardy would be pushed to be a pte for 3 years. Hope this helps.
Cant be as bad as stagging on in some civvy security job armed only with a once-shiny new SIA license looking after people who think your the lowest of the low...
I looked into the MPGS a while ago. My reasons were that I wanted to do a uni course without running up massive student debt. I think the MPGS seems a good stop-gap for people in a situation like that. However, I definitely wouldn't look at it as a career.

Also, have you looked into the wages properly? They're not in line with regular pay.
bearing in mind u work around 157 days a year once leave etc is taken then its not a bad start. just under 17000. for those wanting to further themselves at uni etc.....get a sleepy hollow site. Some sites shut gate at night and pop out of guard room only when a bell is rung. Other units...mine for example, you work 12.5 hours non stop. back gate, straight on a foot patrol, front gate, mobile patrol. at the end of shift you ready for bed. no time to sit and read or watch telly etc..........

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