MPGS Recruitment Catterick - Advice and tips needed please

Hi there,

Just wondering if someone can help as put an online application in to join MPGS at Catterick/Strensall and I was wondering if someone can give me the lowdown on what happens next. Any advice, info and tips would be really appreciated. Anyone working in those locations for MPGS?

Thanks in advance

Come on guys, I've got 75 views so far over two days but no replies!! Very keen on joining so if any serving MPGS can offer their thoughts and experiences I would appreciate it very much.

I'm a self employed bloke, work has dried up a bit and need the crack with the lads I used to enjoy that I just don't get anymore, even in the specials which really surprised me - everyone is so fu**ing uptight there!!
Have you tried chatting with an army recruiter online? Sorry if you have but I did this today as I have recently applied to join the MPGS as well. Apparently the next step is an interview with an Officer in an AFCO should your application be OK. Then if the interview goes well you get a provisional offer at a location of your choice, dependant on vacancies, and a medical if you have been out of the mob for over 12 months. Then off for 12 days training and stag on at a unit near you. The question is, providing the application is ok (All ticks in boxes etc) and there are vacancies where you have applied for (There are), how long does the process take?



PS Sorry if that doesn't help SC but I'm passing on what little Int I've been able to get!


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There are vacancies in Catterick/Strensall or there were a couple of weeks ago.The recruitment process is slow at the moment.I have two bods coming to me that have been in the system over 100+ days.Once you are in the system;keep good comms with the AFCO and be proactive.

Any more questions, feel free to ask.
Sounds slower than when I joined the RAF from school! I applied online and haven't heard anything back yet but to be honest it's very early days. I did fill in one of those old forms that Worty Down sent me years ago but never heard anything back. Hope this isn't a bad sign.


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Its all to do with Glasgow dragging their feet.Be patient and keep in touch with the recruiters at Southwick Park.It is slow but you will get through.There are approx 350+ in the system now.
Ah that'll take a while then!!! Must speak well of army clerks as they made sure I got registered for ELCs not the RAF ones. Will keep trying to get hold of them and fingers crossed. Cheers for the advice!
Actually went down the ACIO today and was given the application pack to fill out and have to come back next Wednesday and do the bloody BARB test. I don't personally understand why someone with service history needs to do this at all?

Did you say Mick that there's 350 bods trying to get in MPGS at the moment - guys that are basically somewhere between the online application and attestation/waiting for a course?


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Yeah,thats right mate.Units are hanging out for personnel,especially with the increase in locations. It takes a while to get them through the process, for some reason.
If you can access Army Net, the MPGS has its own forum there that the bigwigs take an active part in and will help you out if they can.
Ive got guest passes if you need them, just send a pm my way and I'll help you out if needed, but as stated earlier, for some strange reason the recruitment process for the MPGS is as slow as hell, even though some sites are crying out for bods and theres a ton more sites coming online over the next couple of years. :roll:

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