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MPGS Recruitment, anybody know situation?

Hello all, fistly not sure if on correct forum topic but heres my question, visited ACO yesterday as looking to join MPGS, cant get any answer at MPGS office so thought id post topic on here hoping someone may be able to help, have heard various rumours about MPGS but does anyone know if they are currently recruiting and if any vacancies, ideally up north but will consider anywhere, thanks in advance as been waiting to join for 12 months now.
Not sure if this helps but when I did my barb I got a job list and when the next intake is for all of the ones on there and mpgs said 0 intake this year and next. I don't know how accurate that is and for what regiments and how often it changes. (pretty useless information, sorry) 8O When you do your barb ask your ca, he should be able to tell you.
Sorry to hear you have been trying for so long to Join.
I don't know your situation but I have sent you my contact details and if you ring me I will look into it for you.
The AGC (MPGS) is recruiting and the procedure should take no more than 4 months we have vacancies but I would have to talk to the recruiters to see where they are, you will appreciate as we are recruiting throughout the year the vacancies change daily.
Look forward to hearing from you.

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