MPGS Re ZERO every time your on guard ?????

Discussion in 'Juniors' started by The Thing, Apr 24, 2011.

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  1. Yes there is a need

  2. No its a wast of tax payers money

  3. They serve a purpose and i'm not to fussed

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  1. Why do the MPGS make you re zero every time you have guard even if your in date whith your APWT ???

    Why what is the point my rifle hasn't magical un zeroed in the armory...

    Can some one pleas give some reference to what publications state that all wepones need to be re-zeroed and a shoot to take place as they make you grp and zero and do a shoot in all the firing passions, I haven't forgotten how to fire my wpn.

    Or is it just a bunch of umbrella people covering there ass.

    P.S I'm sick of watching the ******* videos every time i go on guard
  2. One more time in English please
  3. Why don't you ask, next time? I'm sure the nice man will cheerfully give you the section/ref if you ask nicely. Don't be fobbed-off with "Because I say so." Your insistence on getting an answer will only increase his awe of you, and impress your mates.
  4. Even better, ask in the 'relevant' Armynet forum section?
  5. I thought this would have been the most relevant forum but i will look harder for one that is more tailored to my question.
  6. Being in date with your APWT has feck all to do with your zero on your weapon.

    Has the armourer inspected it, fixed it or generally given it some TLC since the last time you used it? (I can see the point of collimating - as long as it's the same weapon and collimator.)

    Publications reference – that will be in the guard commanders orders; if you have a problem with these book an interview with your RSM and I’m sure he will take you through the finer points of security.

    As for the video before guard - how else would know what you are doing? It doesn’t sound like you’ve read your orders properly if you don’t know where to find the publications.

    As for the poll – If there were no MPGS then you be spending even longer on guard.
  7. Pretty much spot on there CC_TA.

    The Land instruction states that you have to have zeroed and watched JSP 398 within 6 months of you being on duty.

    My Unit keeps a record to avoid people having to do it when not necessary.
  8. I have zeroed and done my apwt within the time frame and this is my sixth one in 15 months so I'm a bit board of watching the videos. But if is a requirement then I will endure time and time again.
  9. Why don't you ask your Unit to keep a record like mine? It might earn you some brownie points.

    Then again, you come across as a bit of a whinging ****.
  10. FFS, do as you are bloody told, you are in the Army, Being duty officer is not much fun either, having to worry that scrotes like yourselves are not sleeping on duty or skiving, or playing with your weapons. In the early nineties you would have been keen to zero, watch the video and listen to orders because there was greater danger then from PIRA.

    All it takes is one AQ/dissident to seriously ruin your day, and the day they turn up the Army in their wisdom want you prepared. You are not on guard for yourself but for the security of your mates within the wire.
  11. Get your head in the Orders Folder when you're next on stag.

    Read it fully
    Understand it
    Ask any questions you may have

    Design a Guard card that has all your APWT, Zeroing info, relevant MATTs and weapon/sight/collimator details - suggest it up the chain of command to save the unit time and money. (You might get fucked off - you might get a pat on the back. But if you do nothing then nothing will change.)

    Ps. STAG ON!
  12. Cheers CC_TA

    That sounds like a idea.
  13. I was going to say something similar, but due to alcohol intake, couldn't be arrsed ;-)
  14. The reason the MPGS make you re-zero everytime you stag on is because they treat you as one of their own.

    Everyone knows that the MPGS can only accurately eat a pukka pie, and throw an empty 20 B&H fag packet into a bin GS at 5 yards.

    So...suck it up and take it like a man. It could be could be a professional stagger-onner.
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  15. SHIT; Does that mean I'm sobering up!?! To the fridge! :)