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privatejoke said:
Just thought I would highlight some issues it seams no one else seems to have the balls to mention and see if it’s a reoccurring issue else where.

I have a Sgt at my location (CI) who has wormed his way into an admin role because our Det Comd (SSgt) was away too often and some one had to do his job, now the staffy has returned and the Sgt is still in an admin role and is being a real dick and has been for about 10 months yet he gets away with murder and no one seems to do anything about him. I wonder why a slot that’s supposed to be an admin role for a JNCO is being filled by a Sgt what a gross misuse of pay scale.

Recently there was a conference so the above mention Sgt decided to take the whole week off with out telling any one where and when he would return, whilst this was ongoing the Staffy rang in daily and said he wouldn’t be at work either.

I wonder who accounts for these idiots leave and wonder if they have to take 2 days for every 1 off. This information would have to be exposed if requested under the freedom of information of act yet I doubt the administration is up to date if it was it would surely be falsified to suit their needs.

The Sgt (CI) also until recently would claim MMA whilst sleeping in the Buildings offices and I have to ask if this is a shining example of leadership and not actually a gross misconduct issue under the miss use of JPA not to mention a breach of all fire regulations

This might seem like a personal gripe but I assure you its not I feel that an individual who shouts obscenities at Sac’s and Pte soldiers is insecure and needs to have his out dated leadership skills adjusted to fit into a modern day office environment

It’s been said that these issues are continually raised with the hierarchy but I fail to believe that these would go unpunished or un-intervened. I recall one day whilst the boss was telling this Sgt about his mannerisms’ he merely shouted him down with quotes like “ I used to be an RQMS at Colchester nick how dare u address me like that don’t you know who I am”

The word fool springs to mind but as the time approaches for the staffy to leave after his term of service then this idiot is going to take his position and god only knows what will happen, Does our RSM think that this kind of person should be allowed to break all the rule, account for his own leave, run ranges with out keeping his own weapon handling tests up to date, brag about run times yet fail to complete a BFT for 2 years insult soldiers and airmen at all levels. Something is clearly wrong here yet no one does anything about it, the topics mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg I ask any other members of RAF Honington MPGS to come forward and stand up to bullying and improper ways immediately.
If what you say is correct then your Sgt obviously deserves some kind of steer, at the very least!

The army, and this includes the MPGS look very unfavourably on both bullying and JPA fraud.

I would suggest you use your CoC - there is an excellent system in place, use it. ARRSE is not the place to broach it unless you are just trying to cause trouble
Hands up who thinks a tom has just been AGAIed prior to posting on here?
It wont be the first time a non existant "admin" post has been established and it wont be the first SNCO in the MPGS that promoted way above his abilities, but bleating on here about it wont solve your problems.
Theres a CoC system in place to put in complaints, use it or just man up and get on with it.


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Go onto the MPGS Armynet Forum and put your post on there. I'm sure the RSM would be interested in this if there is a problem at your site.

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