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Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by wannabe_civvy, Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. I've signed off form the regs and have about 5 months left. I'm seriously considering joining the MPGS. I received the info pack a few days ago and part of it is to choose where you would like to be posted. Are there any postings the MPGS guys would recommend and postings that should be avoided?
  2. if i was you i would avoided edinburgh as it is run by guys with very little reg service who do not get monitored due to the distance form portsmouth and because its their own small empire they don't work
  3. wannabe-civvy, if you ring Parsons Bks in Donnigton Telford, that is a MPGS guardroom, they will point you in the right direction.
  4. Pirbright & deepcut are ones to avoid i've been informed as i've two collegues from my old unit who both served there, there now in catterick

    as for postings, the portsmouth area (even though your close to the HQ) is good but it depends on what site/camp u wish to work on & MORE important what service is there ie: raf/army/navy

    if you wish to know more then PM & i'll gladly pass on what i know
  5. I am curently serving in the MPGS down south in Hampshire and looking for a move up north around the Staffordshire area. The only available
    option is to do a one for one swap with someone who is willing to move. When will the powers that be start postings back up again. I want to
    move and climb the ladder but unable to due to sgts not wanting to move on promotion. Why should us younger lads and ladies have to suffer.
    All I want is a little more money in my pocket.
  6. mpgs l/cpl require to move south /hampshire. would any one like to swap to east yorkshire
  8. hi,
    Im currently a PTE serving at RAF Digby and looking for a swap closer to newcastle, any PTE intrested then get back to me chears