MPGS personnel and the LS&GC

Ey up chaps(esses),

I look after our merry little band of MPGS where I am and have just been asked about Ex Regs who did 12 years and are now MPGS qualifying for their LS&GC.

QR's say 'any regular engagement' but MPGS is on the MLSA.

MOD MO arent sure and have been a little non-commital.

HQ MPGS arent sure and have staffed up.

Anybody else come across this one before?


I am in the MPGS and plan to apply for my LS&GCM when I reach 15 years service. I remember someone telling me that a colleague at another unit got theirs in the MPGS but can't remember who! Useless I know!
MOD MO are still chewing this one over. I cannot believe that nobody has kicked up a fuss in the last 10 years.

i also serve in an MPGS unit & had the same query of this issue, people have put their names forward but tbh they think the whole issue is a complete farce :cry:

If you look at the last 3 issue's of the squaddie mag for example at some of the letters being sent in the MPGS is getting 2nd class service from not only HQ also APC/JPA as to that fact were not being reconized properly (even after 10 years) how long will it take ? another 22 yrs of service????

JPA & it's back up service (telephone enquiry call line) is pathetic, i've a collegue who was promoted in oct 06 & still waiting for wages to be adjusted accordingly, nearly a year later!!

the same person recently phoned up & was informed by an operator that the computers are tempremental close to payday!!! :roll: there's loads of issues with the MPGS still not getting dealt with so the LS & GC will just be another headache for them to put at the bottom of the pile

sorry for the long essay but MPGS gives a 1st class service & recieves 2nd class support which a total disgrace!
I don't see why they shouldn't get it when you take into consideration the fact cadets were entitled to the Queen's Jubilee medal in 2002.
I am in MPGS and my sgt is getting his LSGC next month after 5 years in mpgs. he served 12 years in infantr previously. he is the second person i know of at our unit who has got LSGC on accumulative years. Hope that helps...???? :?
Any info would be gratefully received. Perhaps even to quote precedent?

I am tempted to fire one of the applications in and see how it does.
We had a happy ceremony at Worthy Down two years ago when the Provost Marshal presented WO1 Stennett MPGS with his LS&GC.

The procedures are at QRs 10.0004 and AGAI 5.393-5.397 available to all good chief clerks and those with access to the net

MPGS serve on an Military Local Service Engagement (MLSE) which is regular colour service: details are in AGAI Vol 2 paras 46.151 and are entitled to the LS&GC.

This issue had not previously been staffed to HQ MPGS.

I received the official nod from HQ MPGS yesterday and MOD MO have also responded now.

As I said I have just inherited an MPGS Platoon and never dealt with them before. Thanks for the reference's and yes I have read them and Marvel how you read into them that MLSE is a regular contract - dont forget that during my service in Germany quite a few years ago our Mojo's and MCTG's were on an MLSE an did not receive the LS&GC.

Your response that a MLSE is a Regular Contract is common sense, but no one was willing to put that in writing until yesterday.

I managed to qualify for my LSGCM after 12 years RAF service and 3 years MPGS accumulated and issued with the Regular Army ribbon and bar.

This may well have been done to the hard work of my then Chf Clk, it certainly wasnt due to any help at my second posting.
I am MPGS serving at this moment in time I to applied for my LS&GC however I was caught and turned down however my fellow working Sgt was not caught and was presented with his in the mess about two months ago. Provided you fullfill the criteria then the answer is a definate YES
Has anyone got a clue how long an application takes, i've had mine in for 3 months now without a yes or no.


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