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I am currently at my 16 years point of service with the Army and in AFPS 75. My queries is, if I transfer to MPGS, what knock on effect does it have on my pension? Will I be getting same pension as rest of the army and what about lump sum and pension commutation? I think I just have to do 6 more years to be eligible to get pension. Can anyone shed some light on my queries please or direct me where to find help to get the answer. Thanks.
My understanding is; MPGS is a Military Service Local Elistment, renewable every 3 years. It does attract a military pension, but, you MAY have to leave regular service and join MPGS, which would then mean joining AFPS 05.

You would need to be sure that your contract is renewed after three years, or you would have a preserved pension 16/37 payable at 60 and 3/37 payable at 65.

I would ask if it is worth the gamble?
Do NOT do this without a long and detailed chat with your RAO. What rank are you now remember that MPGS join as Pte soldiers and then have to be promoted again to earn pension. Without knowing your exact cicumstances this sounds very dodgy.
Ben, the MPGS has its own forum on Armynet where theres already a load of info about pensions and such. If you cant find answers there then you can ask the MPGS headsheds who are regular users of the forum.
As long as there is a gap of less than 30 days, then the service would be considered continuous, and you would be able to remain on AFPS75

The AFCO told me that you can't join MPGS straight from the regs and that you will have to wait for 30 days before signing up for MPGS, I wondered why then but now realise it's so you will enter on the AFPS 05

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