MPGS Pay Increase (or not)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by WarDodger!!, Feb 25, 2006.

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  1. I know I'm going to get a slagging for being MPGS but after we get through all that, could one of you nice pay blokes tell me why this is or do you now work for Soldier Mag now.
    My unit posted the new pay increases on orders yesterday. The MPGS rates though were not there. I went to the RAO for the new information and was told that it would not be available until the new issue of Soldier is published as that is where they get the information from. Surely this can not be right as we are supposed to be regular soldiers all be it on a diferent engagement. Just maybe it is another back door MOD cutback and soon Soldier will deal with all RAO related subjects, All payed for by Adverts and not from Mr Browns treasure chest!!!
  2. We are on the same pay as all other regular soldiers. Only difference being the 5% X factor, which is reflective to the shift work which we perform!

    It's just a bit of fiddly maths but if you look back at the old scale, you will see what I mean!!!
  3. As per Me n Bees post MPGS are paid at lower band but with a 5% X factor rather than a 13% X factor - all you (or your RAO) needs to do is divide the relevant rate in normal, regular soldier's scale by 113 then multiply by 105 - not rocket science. You should be able to prove this works with your current rates.
  4. Thanks for that I will try it, I'm sure it will work as your the boys in the know.
  5. alright im will an im soon gonna staggin on at scampton iv jus been readin all the posts n shite bout this mpgs an im havin serious doubts ppl. is it really as shite as they say ? wouldnt mind a reply off sum1 who actually knows the job im off to or has been posted at scampton . i might get slated for wanting to do this job but a chance to carry on my 4 year pension n med n dent included and ur 4 on n 4 off how can it be so shite dont bother with ur phukd up replies that it a civvy job n blah blah cant hack real world some ppl actually do struggle wen they leave the army it aint easy for alot as 4 me spendin 16 yrs staggin on dont seem so harsh to spendin 16 yrs staggin on a production line
  6. DON'T USE TEXT SPEAK - IT'S NOT BIG OR CLEVER. Try using some grammer as well, then we might be able to understand it!!
  7. Spelling is optional then Legs?

    (Tongue very much in cheek)
  8. Sausage fingers!! :oops:
  9. Mpgs has its ups n downs as does any job in the forces!

    Look at the Booties at PJHQ stagging on, the old pioneer corps at 1 BR Corps or JHQ - stagging on!

    At least in this job you get left alone to do your job and if people want to rib you for it.....let em!

    Send em on Telic 177 and see how they like it!

    Me, I'm happy doing my job JOB and thats all it is!


    Feel free to PM me if you need or want more info.
  10. it aint tex speak its text spelling as i said in my thread if you havent got anything worth contributing to my question dont reply i'm on here asking a serious question as i'm feeling a bit in the dark so legs as i have said before thanks for your insightful comments but do your self a favour and wrap them legs somewhere where they might constrict your fingers from tapping out arse replies thanks and good day . so martin are you in the mpgs? where are you based is it true that we dont actually get 4 days off as they make you "train" on one of your days off? and also thanks for the no-nonsense reply