MPGS Pay - help please before I sign up

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by specialconstable, Jan 20, 2009.

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  1. Just checking the PDF doc for MPGS on army recruiting website and it states MPGS new entrant with pay just below 12,000pa JPA - what does it mean and how long does that pay scale last? I thought the rate of pay on entry was 17,254 at Pte Level 4?

    If it's the lower pay rate then no way am I signing up again!!

    Can someone confirm the correct pay scale please?

  2. You are right, you will start at level 4.
  3. Yep,Pte Level 4 is the starting rate.Definately.
  4. Cheers guys much appreciated. Can you get higher up in the Pte pay bands, or is next step for a pay increase as a L/Cpl?

  5. You can progress up the Pte pay bands but,as long as there are vacancies, you should be promoted to LCpl pretty rapidly.Obviously, as long as your not a complete muppet!
  6. Cheers Mick and Caerwyn,

    Got a good grounding for this - 20 years of reg and TA and have been a Special Police Constable for about a year also - would definitely be looking at Lance Jack asap. My only regret is I'd have to quit the specials, no choice unfortunately due to Queens Regs and police force policy as well.

    Can't have all your cakes with cherries on I guess!!

    Does anyone know about MPGS course dates and how often they run down at Southwick?
  7. Suppose to be the 1st of every month but courses fill up quickly due to current recruit numbers. According to MPGS HQ you can still be taken on and paid before you do your course but you are not able to do any armed guarding
  8. A question on behalf of a mate of mine - MPGS was sold on him partly by the amount of time off promised to him (four days on, four days off) but his current unit have jigged shifts in an odd way to make sure people only get three days off. Are they entitled to expect a 4 on 4 off work pattern, or is it the same as our 'STFU and get on with it' policy? If the latter is the case, why is time off such a heavily laboured point at recruiting fairs?
  9. Well, the recruitment side could take upwards of 4-6 months in some cases, from ACIO to Southpark (as we like to call it). Courses run quite often, and last about 10 days.

    Usually you will go to your requested unit for about a week first to ge issued your kit, and chase up any medical / dental stuff there is. Then, off to do the course.

    The basic salary is while you are there. The entrant level is Lvl 4, but, bear in mind that your increment level will go up every year. Mine fell quite well, i got the usual pay rise in the April, and again with the increment in the Sept /Oct payday. :D

    Promtion can be easy or difficult, depends on the unit you go to. Some are dead mans shoes, others could be easy. I have made Cpl in just under 4 years. If i keep this up i should be a Sgt in at least 3 years (if i keep myself out of trouble).

    With the 4 days on 4 days off thing. That has changed recently.
    It now goes 4 days on (days or nights) 3 days off (classed as your weekend) and 1 day as standby or as a training day. They are usually at the Det Comds discretion. Some sites stick to the rule like glue. Other sites are a bit more relaxed and only do 1 training day per month. Again, it depends where you go. So, booking leave would be 6 days instead of 4 (1 for the training day, 4 for your shift (normal 3 off) and 1 for the training day).

    All in all, MPGS is a good job to move onto. I did, just over 4 years ago, after being out of greens for about 7 years, and i don't regret a single thing. Well, 1 thing, i wish i had done it sooner. And, we don't get deployed :D

    Hope that rambling on helped a bit.
  10. Hi,

    I am currently at my 16 years point of service with the Army and in AFPS 75. My queries is, if I transfer to MPGS, what knock on effect does it have on my pension? Will I be getting same pension as rest of the army and what about lump sum and pension commutation? I think I just have to do 6 more years to be eligible to get pension. Can anyone shed some light on my queries please or direct me where to find help to get the answer. Cheers!
  11. hi

    i applied to join the M.P.G.S in sep 2008 i'm still waiting. when are thay going to start taking people on? i'v passed everythink placement at northwood, do you know whats going on mate?
  12. hey guys ive just recnetly joined this please be gentle lol, im currently serving int regs been serving for nearly 7 years, and im fed up with way my unit do things etc, i am seriously considering transferring to the MPGS so i can take it easy and be a family man at the same time,is it possible to transfer at all? im looking at doing after my next tour, and if i transfer would i keep my normal salary that i have now or start from scratch?

  13. Go to the start of this thread mate. You would start as a level 4 Pte with that payscale. Nothing has changed pay wise. I am not sure how the transfer works but I do believe that there are processes in place now to facilitate this. I just haven't seen it done as any new bods to my Platoon all seem to have had a break in service before coming to me.
  14. The Unit 'may' have reached it's quota by the time you return from tour so I'd advise getting raw facts & current updates swiftly, it was recently advertised on the DII homepage for their recruitment surge (if you have access), having recently spoke to a Gren Gd who is applying it does take longer since going online so be aware of these factor's also.

    I hear Delay's for new entrants are being caused at the APC level mainly.
  15. Im new to this site if you cant tell.I need info on the MPGS if anybody can help? Ive put my application in an was informed at the careers office there is only a few locations that are taking on is this true an how long does it take to hear back from them? Reading a few threads does not leave me with confidence.