MPGS Pay and Mileage Allowance - the package!!

Hi there,

I've been offered a position in the MPGS and I'm wondering what the current starting rate is in £'s at Pte Level 4 and whether I'd receive a mileage allowance to get me from home to my place of duty? I'd really appreciate, please, a quick but informed response as the recruiters are chasing me to commit to a training date!! I'm currently in a very well paid job but I see nothing of the wife and kids, but if the pay drop is too drastic I may have to reconsider joining.


You already know what it is, you asked the question in January.

But here it is from the army mpgs recruiting spiel again:

You will receive a competitive rate of pay and pension comparable with those in the civilian world. Rates of pay range from Private (Level 4) salary of approx £17,154 to around £31,665 for the rank of Warrant Officer."
Yes but I assume there's been an increase since April? Also, what is the current rate of mileage allowance? I appreciate I asked the question in January, but I need to get the sums right here - mortgage, two kids and all the rest of it so you'll have to excuse me for making sure I make a good choice on this one!!
HTD - For rough SWAG calculations work on approx 30p a mile, up to a max of 50 miles each way per day.
They estimate (??) you'll do 18 return journeys a month to work. So the calc would be: your return mileage (minus your PC)X 0.30 X 18 X 12 / 365 which will give you your daily rate. Multiply that by 31 and it will give you your monthly rate.

Edited to add: don't forget, if you choose to live in your own house and not SFA, the first nine miles of travel each way doesn't count in the Home to Duty rate calcs. If you live in SFA its only the first mile each way that doesn't count. - This is your Personal Contribution (PC)


I remember the times fondly.......stagging the cold/wet/heat. I'd love to leave the Army to stag on everyday.....I may apply myself!! :roll:
Joe_Squad said:
No need to thank me for spending half an hour digging out the JSP and finding the info fella...................... :roll: :roll: :p :p

I'm sorry mate, I appreciate the info very much. Getting the right info off the recruiters is not easy as they are sometimes more interested/used to selling the exciting bits of the army to 17 year olds!

What's the rate for a married quarter these days?

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