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Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by wannabe_civvy, Mar 3, 2007.

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  1. I've signed off from the regs and have about 5 months left. I've just got the info pack for joining the MPGS and part of the form is choosing locations where you would like to be posted.
    I was just wondering from the MPGS guys out there which posts you have found to be really good and which you would try to avoid.
  2. RAF Halton . Good site cmdr and good lads ,makes me look forward to going into work...
  3. Guardroom is your best post. Avoid the gate.
  4. Most of the posts by Biscuits are awful
  5. And quite few are avoided.
  6. RAF St Mawgan - good place, good boss, good blokes and the raf look after us.

    RNAS Culdrose - avoid like the plague, Navy dont give a toss about the MPGS. Dead mans shoes for promotion because no-one wants to move, then they all whine like feck because they dont get promoted.
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  7. Enjoy it while it lasts.
    Plus, Helston's full of the retarded mong offspring of WAFU versus civvy night-on-the-lash-gedditup'er experiments.
  9. ref mpgs postings: i have a source that says avoid deepcut/pirbright i have 2 collegues who moved to catterick it was that bad

    where you want to get posted depends on what service is serving there: ie army/navy/raf? it's basically your choice on the type of service you wish to work with

    however their are bad sites as some1 mentioned which r dead mans shoes that hold up other people who wish to move up the ranking,.

    good luck with your application
  10. I am serving MPGS in the portsmouth area.

    Some of my colleagues have worked on navy sites and state that they are good, with flexibility and trust for us.

    I hear the RAF sites are excellent as you are well treated and the locations are good also.

    I work on a tri-service unit and it is great, good team, left to get on with the job and trusted.

    Hope that helps.
  11. depends on what you want to do and where you want to go !, check out the sites you have in mind. Usually a good bunch of blokes
  12. Hi mate, I'm a Full screw in the dreaded Pirbright/Deepcut Platoon! Its not actually that bad and seems to be improving but, to be honest it does have its moments! Its very busy with four different locations. Promotions are pretty good, because the turn around of blokes can be rapid!

    We know that the place gets alot of bad press but its mainly because we have to be rigid because of the whole 'Deepcut' thing and the RLC don't want another one of their little loves swallowing a round.

    But theres plenty of sites out there and I would recommend the job to anyone.
  13. Hi Guys,

    Firstly i'm glad to hear the Deepcut/Pirbright area is improving which can only be a good sign for the MPGS in a whole, along with other sites mention'd here (Edinburgh for example)

    Postings within the MPGS can be varied, however like i've said doing PLENTY of reserch/homework will reep it's benifits,

    i've not had the joy of working on a Army/Raf site as of yet, the trouble is if you read the latest issue of Squaddie mag (a few letters) that even after 10yrs :evil: of the service/regt going their are still a lot of issue's still not being sorted out! JPA & APC being blamed for a quite a few things, hopefully these problems & issues will improve but i don't hold my breath!!
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  14. avoid chatham........... its w~~k
  15. Do I detect sarcasm?