MPGS - last step?

Hi guys and gals. I, like everyone else, am hoping for some information/advice.

My application went in in January and was provisionally accepted subject to Land Forces review like everyone else. Phone call on friday 'am I still interested?' Paperwork arrived today for medical so looking good so far.

I recently started a new job (sods law!) So my query is, not wanting to burn my bridges too soon, provided my medical is ok how soon ish after med paperwork submitted can I expect an answer/offer and how long do I have to take it up?

Cheers in advance.
No-one any idea how long from medical to offer, fine. Well thanks for all the advice anyway.
Best people to ask would be MPGS recruitment...
At the moment I've heard of one lad getting in in a matter of months, but most taking anything from a few months to 18 months.
Best place to go is the MPGS board on the armynet forums. Lots of answers there for any questions you might have. Good luck.
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