MPGS, How long does it take?

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by handyman, Jun 8, 2008.

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  1. Hello all, just a quick question about MPGS Recruiting, I applied about 6 weeks ago to join MPGS, Paperwork sent to Glasgow, place allocated at Leconfield, just waiting for the go ahead, only been out 12 months, does anyone know how long it takes to rejoin, I know it takes months to join from new but when Ive only been out 12 months I would have thought it would be a lot quicker 2nd time round, also whats the procedure for rejoining, no of interviews etc, any info appreciated, many thanks.
  2. Once you have your medical it should be pretty quick and you should get your course date.
    I seem to remember it seemed to take ages but that may of changed now.
  3. Handyman
    Glad to here you have managed to be offered a position. The procedure will take about 3 - 4 months depending on how fast the medical requirements are met. The important thing for you to be doing is keep the pressure on your ACIO and ensure that your kept informed of where your application is as all phases.
    Good luck and hope to see you at Southwick Park soon.
  4. Ive been out 11 months. Applied 6 months ago paperwork to glasgow, no course place booked, still waiting.........Ive got to the point where i go in every week now to chase it up, its glasgow thats messed up. Took my mate 9 months to get in!
  5. It must be good if you're all prepared to wait that long.
  6. In response to how long does it take...I reckon approx 2 seconds to press a button and raise the barrier.... :lol:
  7. Since MPGS recruiting procedure went online applications ARE taking longer ( in some cases) :( However guys & girls you could always try armynet/forums/agc/mpgs & speak to members (including the MPGS RSM) who is on there regulary & is a good bloke ref ANY questions

    Keep bugging/contacting the ACIO's & GLASGOW though to keep on your case as i know there's plenty of vacancies available & new sites are being approved & going online all the time
  8. Applied to join mpgs in April. After chasin for application to be processed attended interview. This went great, signed some papers and told just had 2 wait. Had a call from recruit officer and he told me they've changed policy and now can't have a break longer than 6 years. I'v been out 7 and half and when I applied it was a max of 10 years so was eligible.

    Just wondering if anyone else had this same problem.

    Any ideas guys????Cheers
  9. Go on the MPGS forum on Armynet like Beemer said mate. Most of the head sheds including the RSM and OC use it regularly and should be able to point you in the right direction or give you advice.
  10. Several weeks ago I was offered a MPGS position subject to a medical. Since then there appears to be no movement with my application and, although I have made regular contact with AFCO, I can not get any information as to what is holding my application up or how long it is likely to take.
    I am currently serving with the RAFAUX and hence can not access Armynet.
    Would you have any ideas as to how I could find out what is happening?
  11. Hi Sue65,

    this may help you
    Southwick Park HQ where the Trg & Recruiting team is located & where you'll also do your course
    telephones numbers (Guardroom Only)
    Civilian: 023-92544428
    Mi 93835-4428

    phone them & ask for the Trg Team Number you may have better luck but not guarantee'd as since everything has gone online they've been teething problems,
    unfortunately as i've stated before since going online applications are taking longer than desired (flipping typical i say) anyway i know the teething problems are being sorted but slowly

    good luck with your application
  12. Hi all, I'm playing with the idea of applying for MPGS but have a few questions and would be greatful if you guy's and girls could help me out with answers please.
    1) Would I deffo get the location I ask for?

    2) What would the start wage be?

    3) How long would the application take from start to finish?
  13. Too long. I have been waiting for over 4 months since the 203 was sent.

    I have called the ACIO several times also got in touch with the MPGS HQ and still no word about my application progressing.
  14. Bump.

    Has anyone who has applied in the past few months had any response from the AFCO/ACIO or Southwick Park?

    Do they not want these posts to be manned?

  15. You could always join the RAuxAF(accepted up to age 55), complete Phase 1 training and re-apply safe in the knowledge that you have bridged your 7.5 year gap and are in fact, current.